09 April, 2006

Changes in Life

Sometimes I wonder about life. Nowadays I feel at one point of time in life, you feel that the steering goes out of control. We plan so much and dream so much. We try to take control. But at one stage things happen on their own and you can feel the steering going out of control. Certain things do happen as they are bound to happen. My current job came to an end last month. I decided not to panic and take rest for few weeks, enjoy the life, chill out and spend some time happily with children during their Easter vacations. I planned for my swan song on March 31. Suddenly on March 29th I got a call from my employer, to take a job from April 3rd, for which I had to say 'yes' thinking of the family and other situations. Destination of the place and confirmation were known only on Friday just few hours before my last job finished. I had to wrap up and move towards London which was my new destination.

Again I need to proudly say, that blogging helped me so much in my relocation. I have earned few very good friendship through blogging. I decided to contact few of my blogger friends, who live in London and nearby. Blogger Premalatha and her husband Balan were again very helpful. Needless to say, the humourist Tamil blogger 'Dubukku' alias Renga extended both his hands to welcome me to London. He offered me shelter for few days, until I settled on my own. Balans were very kind and offered me a lot of tips and help. Renga took me around his place and showed me the shops and market. We found a room for me with his help. When I left home to London, my children and wife waved sadly on the arrival of Taxi. My wife was trying to hide her tears behind the doors. The pakistani Taxi driver welcomed me with his Hindi music. He was so friendly, and started scrutinising my origin to the extent whether I am a Dravidian or Aryan. His knowledge about South India and Madras was amazing. He spoke about our Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalitha on length and remembers Kalaignar Karunanidhi too. During such occasions, pep talk like this helps us to forget our sorrow. My stay in Renga's house helped me to overcome my initial hangovers.

First day in busy London was hectic. I think I was the only slowest person on that day, not able to cope up with the speed of the city. I could see people moving fast like ants. It is long time since I had lived in a busy City and this was a bit tough for me. Tube trains have always amazed me. When my station arrived, I wanted to get down, and said 'bye' to Renga, but felt that I could not move.

Guess what.......... I was stuck. The automatic door was making beep sound, indicating that it is about to shut. I could not move and found a lady's bunch of hair had got stuck to my Coat. I was so tensed and somehow removed the tangle and before the door could close literally jumped out of the train. I looked back at the lady to apologise and the door was already shut. Later I came to know from Renga in the evening, that she was grumbling that I did not apologise. I am sorry gentlelady. It was not my intention.

Renga's children entertained me in the evening. OH....... Have I broken the truth that he is married and has two kids. Never mind... his wife will appreciate me. When you are away from home, missing the family, getting such friends is a great luck. Anyhow, I moved the next day to my accomodation. Early morning Electric trains sound, reminds me of Chennai. London in its own way is exciting. I am turning to be a Londoner. I come home for weekends. Tonight being Sunday, and few hours from now I need to get up from bed and leave home by 6:00 to be at London office. I apologise to my fellow bloggers, that I could not read all your posts. Please bear with me, and I shall get back to you as soon as possible. I know I am hoping to start a Tamil blog soon.

I shall try to keep up my promises. I wonder at life. Every change gives a new meaning. Hope the change brings me more peace and happiness.

The picture you see in this post was taken during a parade inspection just before change of guard in Buckingham palace. All the guards will be inspected by a senior. The senior would even try to look at the medals and buttons of the coat, whether they are polished well. Just to see the response, I tried my hands at Hi-Koo in Tamil...

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