23 November, 2009

Absent Mindedness

Life is hectic. I can keep adding 1001 excuses for my absence here. I want to start a begining today. I thought of publishing a picture that I took few weeks before during weekend walk. I shall write more about my walk in my future posts.

While I was busy capturing something else, I saw this sun glass left by someone. It reminded me about how we as human being tend to forget when our mind is occupied with something else. As soon as I saw the sunglass, my mind started thinking about the owner. If that person happened to be like me, definitely he/she may come back to the same place looking for the glass. I did not want to touch it. I left it hoping that the owner may come and take it.

Since this reminded me of some unfinished job, I clicked this picture. Whenever I keep seeing this picture it reminds me of absentmindedness.

From childhood I make it a point to keep account of the things I carry along with me. Once I missed a pair of Gloves, which I placed it in my coat pocket. Since the bus arrived I picked up my baggages and boarded the bus. After buying the ticket I realised that my hand gloves were missing. I knew that I was wearing until I reached the bus stop. I knew that it should have fallen from my coat pocket. So, I got down in the next stop, and walked back with all the baggages to the next bus stop. As I started nearing the bus stop, my heart was beating fast. I was sure that it will be there. Yes... they were lying there. Lucky pair of Gloves. This happened in Edinburgh last year.

My daughter returned from school last friday with a great disappointment. She called me and informed that she missed her new purse while coming back from school. I knew how she would have felt. She cried over the phone. After I reached home, I took her by walk to her school. Since street lights were on, it was not difficult to see inspite of darkness. We searched the entire road. We could not find her purse and I asked her to remember. She said that she wore her coat only after hearing the school bell. I said she must have dropped it or it should fallen from her coats when she hurried from school. She was not convinced.

Now, few hours before after I returned from work she came and hugged me and said that she got her purse back. Her teacher found it on the floor and had kept it safe. She was so happy since she had her lucky chain inside the purse. The chain is less than a pound and so the purse. It is not the money that matters for children. It is all about their possession. They do not like to lose their favourite possession.

She has gone to bed happily. Kids are a pleasure and for them it is a different world. I peeped into her bed. She is sleeping peacefully with her hands tightly holding the purse.