28 January, 2008

Please Stop those Superstitions!

We are living in electronic world where the digital and electronics are dominating. Though man has come off jungle, and started living in cities he still carries many things of the past.

I was just watching a private television of South India last weekend, in which there was news about a superstition being followed in a village called ‘Kudiyirrupu’ near ‘Neyveli’ in Tamilnadu, India. The freak superstition was girls lesser than 10 years old were let by their parents to be beaten by a whip in public by a man, and the girls are dancing in an eccentric way, by letting their hair falling on their faces and dancing like they were mad. This practice has started since few years and according to one of the girl’s mother, every parent is coming forward to let their daughter undergo this cane beating and it is getting popular. The superstition is after this ‘Sacred Ceremony’ the village gets lots of rain, and makes the village fertile.

Few seconds of such clippings, brings so much of anger on people like us. I really pity those beautiful innocent children who fall prey to this. Being a father of a girl of 6 years old, I could only feel ashamed for talking the same language what those brainless people speak.

Will not any good hearted Women’s welfare association stop this kind of ceremonies happening in a state which boasts of bringing the Information technology into their cities.

It is high time if few ‘Manbu migus’ (Ministers) who say that they are working hard to uplift poor people, discourage people doing such foolish acts, by imposing certain strict laws in their assemblies and Parliament.

We are in 21st Century and do not belong to those ‘STONE AGES’.

15 January, 2008

Bring Peace on Earth!

Many things have been happening personally. As I had mentioned in my earlier post we did set a group for all our classmates and we had contacted around 30+ so far. We could get email contacts for 25 and have formed a yahoo group. It is a great experience in trying to know each other, reviving the contacts, and trying to keep us together. It is not easy to keep the same momentum which we had 30 years before. But still all of us are trying to recall the old stories, the funny incidents, the laughter and the naughtiness of each one of us. Some of them is remembering each and every incident like the way we were dressed on a particular day and bringing them impeccably. Some have transformed so much and some are remaining the same. It is very difficult to retain the same composure since lots of factors influence our characters. Especially the better half, children, parents, job and the social responsibilities does not allow being what you were during the school days. Amidst all these, my old classmates in Chennai, India were able to organise a day’s get together and more than 20+ assembled for the day. One of them was very kind enough to be present for the occasion and flew from Dubai, and few more from different states in India. They did have a good time and visited the teacher at his house and presented him a small gift and exchanged pleasant memories. The teacher in turn gifted each one of my classmates with a Hero fountain pen. The thought of a fountain pen for a ball point pen was that he presumed that few may throw away once they could not get the proper refill. There was a small write up about our classmates meet in the supplementary of ‘The Hindu’ as well.
Till date I have been very busy in keeping in touch with my friends and the thought of my blog and my blog readers brought me back to blogging.I have been missing many of you all these days which I do not want to continue. I also wanted to wish everyone on the arrival of New Year.
Another year has come. So many things have happened. There are talks all around about the global warming. There are concerns about economies. There are talks about the latest Nano car, dreadful diseases, security concerns, terrorism threats, Aussies cricket and so on.

Honestly my concern is all about the common man and the future generations. It is really very sad to know about the happenings in Kenya and Pakistan. Iraq is yet to get back to normalcy. There was a crisis among the Tamils in Malaysia too. Though it all appears to have been sorted out, probably it looks like a temporary one. We still hear stories from Sri Lanka. There should be parents who had lost their children in those wars, and humans who lost their friends, brothers, sisters. I wish that the world changes into a no-war zone and peace prevails all over the earth and the human beings become more human and be concerned for the fellow humans.

Why cannot the world ban wars and terrors and take more initiative in respecting each one’s belief and continue peacefully?

Will my prayer be heard one day?

I know it would be the same prayer by millions of people all over the world.

Dear Political leaders please realise this and give us back the peace.
Please! Please! Please!