30 November, 2008

Let us Unite and teach

We were on a night out in a pub, and watching the local channel. After attending few, the bar tender switched the news channel. We were shocked to know the news. I could not understand the velocity then.

After coming home sought the internet to know more and was deeply shocked. From this morning I have been sitting in front of the laptop, and trying to know more and more about all the incidents that have happened. Though it is slightly relieved now, after hearing that the commandos have taken control of all the places, my heart goes to the families of those who were killed, the brave officers, police constables, fire brigades, hotel staff, guests, press and the public.

I was almost on tears when I read news about Hermant Karkare, Major Unnikrishnan and many more names whom I do not remember immediately. The videos of Hermant karkare wearing his bullet proof coat and walking with other officers into the hotel is going to remain in my mind for ever. The same way the sight of Major Unnikrishnan relatives receiving his body is heart rendering. This is only to name few whom I saw. My whole family felt very sad on reading the news about many foreigners who were present there for various reasons. It was more disheartening to know that some westerners who loved visiting India were targeted, especially the American who was killed along with his daughter.

After all what did the perpetrators achieve? What was their motive? They are ordinary individuals, who could not think. They were highly motivated and have behaved like a machine. Their purpose was to instil fear among public and civilians. This time they have targeted five star hotels to scare the foreigners and just jeopardise the economy development. If they have had any demands, they could have taken few hostages and started a dialogue. They did not. Their leaders did not have any. What all they wanted to do is to create instability for the fast developing economy, create a disparity among the two neighbours who have started understanding each other recently. It is time now for the Global village, to join together and start thinking strategies globally. Just like the same way as G20 joined together to discuss the credit crunch, global warming and etc., tackling terrorism should be given top priority. Today, it was Mumbai. Tomorrow it could be somewhere else in the world. Let all the countries unite and take measures.

Time has come for all the conflict to end. The aim of terrorism is to instigate the hatred. All these are made by man. So if we need to give them back we should stop pointing fingers at others and work towards a common goal.

Time has come for leaders to change their strategies. Let there be difference in Language, soil, religion, culture, habits. But there should not be any difference in handling these terrorist.
They should be replied in their own language. Let us all unite in teaching them lesson. Life is too wonderful to die in this manner. Even a terrorist who was captured had expressed that he wanted to live.

After all even those gunned men’s mothers would not have wished their kids to destroy simple human beings when they grow. I am sure no mother would have sent her son or wished him good luck for such unscrupulous act.

Every other Government should discuss positively to curb these acts. All parties in each country should give top priority in uniting themselves against these acts, and give their heart and soul in combating terrorism. Let all the nations work together in destroying the roots of such network. Let us preach the world to love than to hate.

If we want to teach those perpetrators a lesson, let every good act continue. Let us not stop the trading, business, sports just for these rowdies. Let us tell them, that, if that is what they wanted, they cannot have it.

If there is a rose there will be a bee who will be attracted to suck the honey. We cannot be afraid of the bees and not have roses. We should have more roses and keep away the bees.
We should have lots of garden of roses for our future generation.

21 November, 2008


After finishing my last spoon of Wheat bran and Oats breakfast, I washed my bowl and left the kitchen. Once again checked all my belongings and slammed the door and started walking towards the bus stop. As usual, I switched on my i-pod. KJ Yesudas was singing “Madhubhan Khusboo”. I looked around and found that the leaves on the trees have changed their colours and have fallen too. I realised that autumn is going to end. I remember my mother saying “Whatever happens, the time will not wait. What has to happen will happen”.

Yes, on seeing the tree near my house, I realised that the leaves have changed from green to different colours. In fact, most of the leaves have fallen. I realised that I had taken a picture of the same tree few months ago (see picture 1). I opened my bag and took another picture of the present tree(see picture 2). In the meanwhile, diesel and petrol prices have gone up. The banks have run into loss. The world economy had changed. Credit crunch has almost hit every part of the world. New president has been elected in US of A. Indians have beaten Australians in Cricket. So...what...who bothers.... The seasons do not wait....

After all they need to do their duty.

Autumn is going to end and winter is already in.

Nature does not wait for anything.

20 November, 2008


After being inside closed doors for few hours I decided to have a walk during the lunch hours.

I came out of my office and looked around. It should have rained few minutes before. It was very pleasant and I walked to my favourite park near my work place. There were very few people. The joggers were jogging and there were lots of evidence for the recent rain. Some little birds were trying to shake their feathers and fly. There was a kind of smell coming from the ground. Whenever the birds shook the tree branches, water remaining on the leaves sprinkled on me. I was looking for fresh evidence for the rain and looked around. Then this water droplets on the benches caught my eyes. I decided to click them for evidence. Evidence of the rain. It looks like they were just waiting for the photograph. I smiled and took the picture. A couple who came behind me kept looking at the bench and must have wondered about what I was focusing on.

I walked back having got evidence now. After all we need evidence for everything in this world. Nobody believes anything without any evidence.

15 November, 2008

Learn to love and let others live!

Recently came across a video clipping of law students clash in Chennai, India. I was disturbed very much. I never thought there could be so much of hatred among students studying in same college. Believe me or not! After seeing the video clips I could not do anything for more than one hour. Though I saw this video two days before, the video is still fresh in my mind.

The cause of the incident is based on difference of opinion on a poster issue among different caste/community students. What a shame! A group of policemen were watching the whole incident standing outside the premises of the college. One student got trapped near the gate and he was beaten with logs and some other materials. It was worst than any of the violent fight scenes in a Tamil movie. This appears to be a barbaric act. What else I could say!

Only this has been in my mind for the past two days. Can there be so much of animosity among fellow students? Is the future safe in the hands of such young would be lawyers? How are they going to protect the society with their education? On trying to know more about this, I came to know this sort of rivalry and fights exist between the students especially in the state. Why? Certain reports say that the management and police were aware about this already. Due to difference of opinion in printing a poster for some celebrations that was held in the College, a batch of students got agitated.

From where did such young graduates get such a motivation to brutally man handle their friends? There is something wrong somewhere. The three students who were beaten are still fighting for their life. There should be some background behind this incident. Those who were beaten belong to ordinary family. The state has recently started drawing attention worldwide for its technological parks and outsourcing. How could the Government keep quite? They have just suspended the Police officer and the Principal. Everyone was blaming police for being a silent spectator to the whole incident. But there had been incidents in the past of demanding action on Police, since they entered the premises to solve issues among students. I strongly feel that there should be lots of politics behind all this.

While I was walking during my lunch hour, I came across this flock of birds as seen in the picture. What a great unity? What a skill in flying as a pattern? They were doing great acrobatics without any communication support from ground. It was wonderful to keep watching them. I think we human beings have to learn a lot from animals.

Dear young students, please learn from your surroundings. Learn from other creatures that exist in this world. Please shed all your difference of opinions and respect each other. I am sure all those who were involved must be repenting now. Please think well and do not allow politics amongst yourselves. Learn to love each other. Everyone’s life is precious. Life is not to hate each other and kill each other. Give meaning to your education and raise a step above than what you are!