08 December, 2005

See you tomorrow

The best time of a day is the above picture. During childhood I have always wondered where this Sun goes. I have nagged my mother daily about the sun's departure. I believed that the sun will go and hide or take rest and come back in the morning. But something I wondered during my childhood was why it is so hot when it comes up in the morning and it is so cool when it goes down in the evening. Thought Sun also used to get tired while going home.

I am sure everyone would enjoy seeing this picture. It brings back beautiful memories. I could remember women from Villages returning back from forests with firewoods on their head. Sheperds returning back with flock of sheep was the usual site whenever I crossed villages in Tamil Nadu. How many of you know that you cannot see the clear sunset everyday. Also, sunset may look as though they have been for long but the actual sunset is very quick. Sometimes within 5 minutes it will disappear. Before I realise what a beautiful sunset it is, and go home and take the camera... it would have gone.

This particular scene was in a place called Carlisle. I clicked this from a train while travelling from Scotland. I love nature and got addicted to it.


Ravi said...

Just as sunrise, sunset too is beautiful esp the deep dark orange colour.

Seeing your childhood curiosity on sun's disappearance in the evening, I was reminded of this kidie joke :

Teacher : Why do we not see the sun in the night?
Student : Because its dark!

REFLEX said...

Nice picture. Even I had lot many questions abt Sunset. Nenacha sirippu varudhu.

Jeevan said...

really very beautyfull Photo. i also amused to see the sunrise and sunset many times. when i go in ECR road, it will be a nice time to see the sun rise.

Jo said...

Nice pic...

Balaji S Rajan said...

Ravi - Sun created lots of curiosity during childhood. I have seen sunset from flights. WOW... They used to be wonderful. Anyone will become a poet.

Reflex - Yes. We think about our ignorance. I laugh when my kids ask me questions about sun.

Jeevan- Yes ECR road will be excellent. I have seen sunrise and sunset from that road too.

Jo - Thanks Jo. I have seen sunrise from Ernakulam too.

வேதா said...

capturing sunset in a camera has to be fast as u said.when i was in bombay i watched sunset in the juhu beach and i was jus awestruck by the sight and it was gone in a few minutes before i jus could capture it in the camera.