29 March, 2006

Man and Child

In those days (25 years ago) a Telegram stating that the lady's delivery of a child with the weight of the child, will be sent to her husband who used to be busy with his work. On receipt of the Telegram, the man will rush along with his parents to see his newly born child. He will not dare to speak to his wife in front of his parents. Even after the family returns to his home, he will be hardly given the chance to handle the baby. The ladies at home, will be handling the baby. The man will not tend to have the baby, once when he is well dressed and ready for work. Male chauvinism was at its peak and it was supported by the society too.

Slowly things have changed. Men have started caring for their wives and children. Those house hold works which were once to be done by the women, are equally shared by modern men. Mothers are still gossipping about their sons if he works inside the kitchen and helps his wife. Hats off to the modern men. They have started thinking differently. They have understood their partner's difficulty. Now that the joint family system is slowly fading off, every man is forced to take up the responsibility. I wish "Paternity Leave" becomes one of the leave rules in offices in India. Let us make life easier. The thought of man lying on the ease chair, with a coffee and the daily Newspaper is going to be a rare sight. There are still many men finding hard to change. Please change before it becomes necessary to change. Think broadly, and come out of the shell. I hope there is no sentiment attached to it. If you love somebody, show it.

There is a great pleasure in handling your kids and doing a nappy change. Every moment, like, giving them a shower,while narrating a story helps them to feel more secured. Many of my friends are non-male chauvinist and I am proud of them. Atleast the new generation is changing.

The picture in this post is of a 'Man and Child' . This is a rare piece of work. Normally we see statues of woman and child everywhere. This attracted me when I visited Queen's valley in Scotland. A thoughtful sculptor has carved it. Hats off to him.


Narayanan Venkitu said...


I am proud to say that I belong in the 'Modern Men' category.

Yeah, the days are gone..when Men used to sit in Easy-chairs..without moving their rear ends.!

arvindh said...

Excellent message! It is great that your keen eye picked this statue for photographing.

Premalatha said...

I wrote a piece on this a week ago. But keeping it in pending as I want to write few more on that as it is going to be a series. After seeing your post, I think i should bring it on.



Jeevan said...

I am proud to say that I have a modern Dad. When I was kid my dad used to take me Bath, brush my teeth, putting dress and take us to school, because mom will be busy for preparing breakfast and lunch. For the last one year only my dad is reading newspapers in morning. First time seeing a statue of man having child in his hands, nice one:)

Jo said...

Good post bro. You are right about sharing the responsibility of the kids and household works. As long as it doesn't make women sit in the easy chairs and get their hubbies to manage the work at home and outside. :-)

I have had talks about this in our friends group and interestingly the majority agreed that we should see them as "life partners" instead of just a "wife".

And about that sculpture, yes, never seen such a thing before.

Uma Krishna said...

fantastic message and accompanying picture. yeah, very tru..nowadays men are sharing responsibilities.

Ravi said...

Good one again Mr.Balaji. But let's not restrict that gesture to wives alone. We should extend the help to any woman we can be of help to!

But generally the criticism on the man donning the so called woman's role come from the woman herself!

வேதா said...

i am so happy to read this post of yours. to be honest, every woman likes to have her husband help her in home. it really shows the affection and the responsibility on male's part.
//Mothers are still gossipping about their sons if he works inside the kitchen and helps his wife.//
thats true, but it is slowly reducing. the main thing is that the mothers who were brought with the idea that men should not do household chores, cannot imagine their sons doing that. if the sons make their mothers understand, then it wont be a problem.

Suji said...

Great post! Yes, men seem to be changing...gauging from the reaction of all the men who have commented here :D

Sattvic said...

First time in your blog. Awesome post! Touched by the picture of the man and the child. I hope more and more men fall into the category of "Modern Men" and love and respect women.

Sattvic said...

Forgot to add that your kids are cute and bubbly:)

susubala said...

This seems to be very good...I was inspired by your post.

Iam proud to say here that my hubby falls under the category of 'Modern Men'. He loves to take care of my son, make him bath, dress him up, make him feed etc., etc., even when iam not busy.

He's been very helpful for me in bringing up my child Soorya.

Barbienan said...

hey nice piece about men. My dad is like that and my to be partner is also like this. Rare picture and happy to see that

Balaji S Rajan said...

NV- Correct. I am frustrated with some men behaving as though they are belonging to those days. Anyhow... the positive thing is people like you and few more of our friends including me who are setting a new trend. It is good for the family, individual, kids future too. Atleast let us show how men should behave.

Arvindh - I should thank one of my friend who took me to this spot.

Premalatha- Please bring out your post on the subject in your own style.

Jeevan - Nice to know that your Dad is a modern Dad. Men of sense will respect women's feelings.

Jo - I wish you get married soon and be a good husband, and father. Men like you should set an example to others.

Uma - I do agree. Yes. Men have started changing. The article is because of some men who are still reluctant to change.

Ravi - Yes. I welcome your thought.

Veda - You are correct. If the sons make their mothers understand we can change their mothers too.

Suji - Thanks. Yes men have started taking today.

Sattvic - Thanks for visiting and your comments. Yes Men have started changing. The message is to request more to change and those who are not yet married to broaden their thought.

Susubala - Glad to know that your husband is a modern man. I wish many more change and adapt themselves to the modern life than remaining chauvinistic.

Barbienan - WOW You never told us that you are going to be married. Glad to know about him too.

visithra said...

Actually ive always thought babies look most beautiful, fragile and secure in the arms of their fathers - the sight is just wonderful - i have no idea why

but its good to know men have changed - though not all n yes women seem to be the ones encouraging this