02 October, 2006


I have never liked to be tagged. Something which I felt was kiddish (probably since outgrown). I am now tagged by Chandrika to write about meme. I was thinking about it all these days whether to write or personally apologize to Chandrika and stay away. But thinking otherway, to be in the group with fellow bloggers , I decided to go ahead without tagging anyone.

I am an ordinary person, married, and responsible for two kids who are in the pictures in school uniform and then with me.

I said that I will visit only one girl's house for seeing bride and will marry her. I am happy that I kept it.

I want the world to live peacefully without any war, and shower more love and care among fellow human beings.

I wish to be of some help in creating a good society.

I regret for not being next to those loved ones who long for our company back home.

I hear good music from Carnatic to Rap and Hip-hop to keep myself in good mood and happy.

I dance to make my children happy.

I am with my hands when I take my Nikon FM2 camera. I have seen many people through my lenses.

I sing when my family closes their ears and when my neighbours are away on holidays.

I cry deep in my heart when I see poor and sick children. I melt when I see orphans and innocent children wounded and die during wars.

I am not deaf to hear sorrows, dumb to talk about sufferings, and blind to see beautiful things.

I write about the things which affect me in order to remember after ages.

I confuse rarely.

I need more place in my heart to have more love and affection to shower on those who need.

I value my parents, elders, good friends, good books and good thoughts.

I think the world still has a lot of good people. Blogging is helping me to be in touch with like minded people.

I hope poverty will be out one day, and life on earth will be a life on heaven.

I laugh at jokes, comedy shows, and comedians of any languages.

Chandrika, thank you for tagging me. Marutham I shall write about your tag shortly.


Kavi said...

Quite interesting !

I said that I will visit only one girl's house for seeing bride and will marry her. I am happy that I kept it.

Just like me !

The 'Just like me's start there and go a long way down !! :-)

Sundar Narayanan said...

like the middle picture the best.


வேதா said...

good pics and interesting tag, i have done this tag long back:)

Marutham said...

Aha...I enjoyed reading this TAG!!
it makes alot of sense!! Although u r nt fond of writing tags-- see this one...this is one good reason for you to continue taking up tags.You write them so well... I have seen few tags that goon like Interview question :P ..Oops no oofence...

It was interesting to scrool down & read till the cooments column.. :)

Marutham said...

btw, lovely kids..nice snaps...Where is mommiee...? ;) I guess she is behind the camera ...

Jeevan said...

Good to read some intersting about you:) I like the I cry and I need the most form u. The pic are very sweet!

indianangel said...

Nice Tag bala! its good to know some good things from your heart!

pallavi said...

your doughter is very sweet... i liked that you kept your promise of visiting one girls house.. your anwers are nice to read

Suji said...

Nice tag. Its nice to get to know fellow bloggers a little more through these tags.

mona said...

your kids are too sweet...

and i like ur thinking espacially abt dumd, deaf and blind...

take care..

dany said...

very good thoughts

Anonymous said...

hi balaji
i just came accross ur blog. ur doing a gr8 job and happy to see a fellow tamilian thoughts
me just a chota who started.
it is

Chandrika said...

Balaji, thank you for playing the meme...Honestly I never knew your dislike for memes, else I would not have tagged you... But on the other side, this meme really opened up a part of you to us, fellow bloggers.

After reading your meme, I feel I know a little bit more about u and about your family... That's the good side of a meme...And that's the reason I write memes too...

By the way, your kids are adorable!!

Anyways thank you for letting us know you better...

Balaji, let me know if you want to play another interesting meme... I am about to write a post and will tag you if you want to..Otherwise, nothing to worry... :-)

Have a great day!!

ambi said...

//I sing when my family closes their ears //

LOL. :) nice writeup balaji(sir).
Long time no see in my space..? :D

Barbienan said...

hey balaji good to know u more thru the tags.. hey enna pa wife photo kanume ;)

Jo said...

Me.. Me.. Me... Me too! :-) (Courtesy: Matrix movie)

I hear good music from Carnatic to Rap and Hip-hop to keep myself in good mood and happy.

Same here. :-) It was nice reading your other tags too. Your kids look nice and smart! Hugs to them from Jo chettan.

RandomThoughts said...

Great read bala! Each of your answers seem so honest!


Aravind said...

Quite intreesting this was a nicepoem

Dubukku said...

Having known you I know most of these you have written.

//I value my parents, elders, good friends, good books and good thoughts.//

- Nice one :)

Prabu Karthik said...

having seen u in clean shaven mould sometime back, it kinda felt different to see u in french beard:)

but rombo nalla post sir!

i think one cud guage your values and philosophies from yr posts and comments.
this tag reinforced the respect i have for u :)

visithra said...

sunglass family? so cute ;p

nice one - interesting info about u though we all know what magic u bring with ur lenses

Balaji S Rajan said...

Kavi - Discovering lots of similarities.

Sundarji - Thanks.

Veda - I remember reading your tag post.

Marutham - Thanks for your comments.

Jeevan - Thanks friend.

Indian angel - Thanks for your comment.

Pallavi - Thanks for visiting and comments.

Suji - yeah... Tags help us to know about fellow blogger.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Mona - Thanks for your visit and comments.

Dany - Nice to know that you are having similar thoughts and enjoyed my post.

Kittu - Thanks for visiting. Wish you have wonderful friends through blogging.

Chandrika - Thanks for your tag. I admit that posts like meme lets others know about you. Thanks for your compliment about kids. Oh.. no more tags for the time being please. I need to write once again some weirdest thing as requested by marutham.

Ambi - I have been reading your posts but could not comment. From now you can see me regularly visiting your blog.

Nandhini - Thanks for your comments. Oh.. I did not have a group photo.

Jo - Thanks and I conveyed the same to my kids.

Rashmi - Thanks for your encouraging words.

Arvindh - Thanks and waiting for your posts.

Dubukku - Thanks for your compliments.

PK - Thanks for your valuable comments. I am very ordinary, and do not make me feel shy.

Visithra - Oh..yeah.. Sunglass family... The sun was just in front of us and made us shrink our eyes and hence we decided to take a snap with the glasses.