03 July, 2007

Last week sketches

Last week was hectic and I did not know what to draw. So thought of reading a book and started reading 'Malgudi Days' . I was very impressed with the cartoon on the cover of the book. Immediately took my pencil and sketch book and tried to copy the same. That is what you see on this page. A lad hitting a ball with his Cricket bat, where the story and drawing were originally by RK brothers. I realised that it is not easy to draw something from someone's drawings. Though I have tried to draw similarly to what I found on the cover, I am sure that I was not perfect. After finishing it within few minutes, thought of drawing someone whom I could see live in the train. I found this gentleman of African Origin a bit attractive to be drawn. He was busy conversing with some friend. I scribbled him before he could realise that I was sketching him.
Anyhow, I was glad that I could finish drawing him too. I had an interesting incident last week while drawing. Let me narrate it in my next post.
If anyone of you had been to the Trade fair exhibitions, that is being held in Island grounds,Chennai (India), you would have seen some art students drawing portraits. I think it was in 1981 or 1982, I acted as a model to be drawn as a portrait. Do you know who drew me? It was nobody than Sabu Cyril. He was a student in Arts College of Madras then. I made a note of this name. I spoke with his teacher and took back the portrait he drew me. I think it should be still there in India in my house. I knew that the artist is going to become very popular. He was calm and quiet. He was so good with his hand. I was glad and excited when he became very popular with his talents in Art direction for movies. Drawing is really a great art!


Kavi said...

Indeed it is ! The sketch on Malgudi was amazingly close. Even before i read that you had sketched with Malgudi in mind, my mind raced to RK Narayan and Malgudi ! So..!

You have a huge talent..Balaji. Hidden and tucked away..!

And Sabu Cyril...well, that must some portrait..!

Jo said...

Nice ones. In the first sketch, I think the only thing to note is the legs. Keep doing more! I can see that you're loving it. :-)

Suji said...

Good to see your sketches at last. Am coming by ur blog after a long time. Your potraits/caricatures are really good. Keep doing n posting them.
You should also try some left-handed sketches as our guru Arvindh suggested.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Well done. Eager to know the incident you have mentioned!

Wow - Sabu Cyril sketched you? Amazing.!! Didn't know this.!

Please take a digital copy, Xerox copy and laminate and preserve it!

Jeevan said...

"Drawing is really a great art!" Its true, your art has proved that!

U have a great talent to draw people live. I have too interest on cartoons, some years back there were shows in vijay tv and other channel of Ranuv’s cartoon. I used to take pencil and start to draw with him, he teach us how simple to draw a cartoon. That was my fav show and I also brought his book and workout all his drawing.

Its very helpful for my buddies to know my stage through ur comment. Thank you Friend.

Rama Iyer said...

Wow, that is very good. Yes,the cartoon is very close to the one on the cover and legs need attention as Jo has pointed out :)
The second one too is very good.. Is it close to the person you drew? It is really wonderful that you were sketched by Sabu Cyril. Waiting for more from you..

Cyberkitty said...

Good sketch, even i'd like to be drawn by a famous artist someday !

Dan said...

you have got a very good talent Balaji. As a kid i too used to draw, one of my friend was an inspiration to me. He was good in drawing once we lost touch my interest was also lost.

arvindh said...

Wow, Sabu Cyril's sketched you! That is great!
As others pointed out, I could also immediately tell that you had sketched Swami with his bat. The likeness is pretty good.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks! Well I must go home and search the sketch. I knew that it was kept safely somewhere. Sabu Cyril was a young bearded man and I could make out that he was going to become great in the future. I think his name is Sebastian Cyril if I am right.


Thanks for your comments. Yes I have started loving it.

Well I thought you knew about it. You would have seen it. We never knew that he is going to become such a great person. Once when I read an article about him, and his photograph was published, I wondered where I had seen him and then realised it. Took the drawing and found his signature on that. You know we moved house so many times and hope it is still safe.

I shall try in the future. Let me first try with my right hand well.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Nice to know that you are interested in drawing as well. I have your paintings also. Try your hand. Good that you are back.


Thanks for your comments. I have drawn more after these. I shall publish them shortly. I am planning to publish regularly few cartoons. Let me see. Right now quite busy with work and travelling a lot. Need to settle my family in one position. Kids are missing me and once we settle down, my posts will be regular.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I hope your wish happens soon.


Thanks for your comments. Everyone would have drawn in their young age. I had quite a lot of interest and wanted to take it up as a career. Especially cartooning. I even tried a job for artist in an advertisement company during my young days.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Your drawings motivated me to take up my pencils again.