06 August, 2007

Peyarai Kettaley Athiruthu Illai!!!

Few weekends before, on a Sunday evening, the local train was going very slow. I managed to reach London Liverpool street station and found that it was crowded than normal. I heard that few lines were closed. We had to wait on the Westbound platform for few minutes. I have never waited for a local train more than 2 or 3 minutes. But on that day, I waited for more than 15 minutes. Started getting worried that I may miss my train at London Euston. After getting down at Euston cross literally started running with my baggage, and rushed to my platform. This train again, was overcrowded. Somehow, I managed to get my favourite seat. Only one could sit opposite to me, and a young man with his Laptop arrived there. The train was getting crowded. I felt sorry for a lady who had to stand with her newly born baby in the pram. I offered her my next seat and she declined it. I knew that it could be difficult for her to be seated leaving the baby on the Pram. The train was overcrowded. I was wondering whether to open my sketch book or not. I opened my bag half heartedly. Then I found a Tamil Magazine and started turning the pages. My hands stopped on seeing our Super star photo of the famous Shivaji. Just thought of it and took my drawing kit. A fat old desi came and sat next to me. As I started to sketch the outline, an Old English man was enquiring whether anyone knew the latest score of the Test Match between India and England. When he passed me he stopped looking at the picture of Rajini. The young man opposite to me was often peeping into my sketch note.
Just when I was about to complete the picture I felt great. I found something unusual. I started observing it. The young man gave a last look. I could not hide anymore and openly showed him my drawing. He was stunned. He asked me who it was and said the drawing was fine. Why did everyone who were passing beside stop? Could it be the Charisma. My picture is not great. But the person whom I have drawn is a very interesting person.
If he had not tried, he would have been still employed with KSRTC and blowing his whistle. I appreciate his self confidence. He became the trend setter for many ordinary looking people to approach the Cineworld. I like his style and speed. I have enjoyed his old films. He is a down to earth personality. He has millions of fans and I am sure he will raise the South Indian Film Industry fame.
The heat here has started becoming unbearable and for so many other reasons, I wanted to shave my head. Just to give surprise to my kids, I shaved my head. Just to add humour to my post added the picture here.
Rajini fans, please pardon me if my drawing does not look like your thalaivar! Whatever it is
'Perai Kettaley Athiruthu Illai'.
I request the parents who read my blog not to use my picture to scare your kids for eating their food.


Jeevan said...

"I request the parents who read my blog not to use my picture to make your children eat." hahaha... (motta)Boss kalakkurenga;)

Even the sketch doesn’t have the Star look, but he was star in his life. Cool!! :)

Dubukku said...

Enna Balaji Sivaji motta boss mathiri kalakareenga soopera irukku new look :))

//I request the parents who read my blog not to use my picture to make your children eat.//

-- Can't guarantee :p :))

Chakra said...

aaah... I was looking for a poochaandi picture to scare my son... I have got that now.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comments. I am glad that I could make you laugh today. Just on the lighter side, to make you all laugh, I published this picture. Yeppadi Shivaji vs Balaji.

Super idea..va.. thanks. Boss.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks. This is 3 weeks old. City, Manchester, Wolverhampton... yella idathuleyum ... nambalai parthaley athiruthu illai. Ingey... local area pasanga ipa salam podranga... Hi..ya.. You are alright..mate... ekka chakkam... Thani Get up thaan Ponga. But take care of your kids... especially the second one...

Balaji S Rajan said...


Ada...da...intha kathai yellam vendam... Do not tell me Anirudh will be scared of this boochandi. He will say.. "Bey..bey...." I will not be shocked if he says.. "Neenga oru thadavai mottai adicha naan nooru thadavai potta mathiri".

My daughter was rolling over the floor on seeing me with the new look. Anyhow it has started growing..

Loga said...

kalakkuringa...anyhow am a big fan of rajinis in 90s...Good to see thalaivar drawing :-)

Swatantra said...

Nice try! Cloths have been sketched very well!

I really appreciate that you offered a seat to the lady with the baby!!

Just a curiosity does it happen often at London. It never happens in Delhi..

Sundar Narayanan said...

idhu enna pudhu trenda ?

sivaji craze ippo dhan adangi irukkunnu nenaichchen... but you are starting a new trend of sivaji like Mottais.


Balaji S Rajan said...


I don't think anyone would have disliked Rajini movies in 90's. Even today there is entertainment. Though I am not a big fan, I like certain things in his acting and style.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comments. Oh.. offering seat is there in me from childhood. I have got used to it. Especially when it comes to ladies, I volunteer myself. Sometimes in India, there will be few ladies who are the other way in India. They will just come and demand us to show pity on them. I hate such people who demand. But as you know, in South especially in Chennai we have Ladies and Gents seat. Some times when the ladies seat are empty we use them. But as soon as a lady gets in the next stop, I used to get up and offer her seat. Some of my friends will never do it. During my young days, they used to force me to sit. They had the fear of losing it . We should also look on the other way. Some ladies will occupy the gents seat even if the ladies sit are available. I hated that. Gents who are travelling long distance cannot sit in ladies seat, fearing that they may lose it in the next stop when a lady comes. As well, they will not be able to occupy the gents seat because the ladies would have sat on them too. When ladies had rights to demand, gents do not have rights to demand if a lady sits in his seat. This is in Chennai. Here, ladies do not want any concern to be shown on them. I just offered because she was having a baby. It depends where you are travelling. London is multi culture and nobody minds and just sits saying a 'Thank you'. I have seen sometimes people offering, and sometimes people just ignoring. Ladies as well do not prefer to be given a seat if they are standing here. Even if they are old, or disabled they never demand or not bothered. If offered, they acknowledge our action very sweetly.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Pudhu trend yellam onnum illai. Ingey Summer. Veyil kolutharathu. Lot of dandruff. I normally put a Mottai in Summer. Summa Shivaji vs Balaji oru connection pannalamannu thonichu. Also wanted to surprise my kids. My daughter enjoys feeling my head every weekend. Just like she observes a plant growing in the garden, she observes my hair growing every weekend.

Kavi said...

Cool !! Unga range rumba different !!

Enjoyed your post. I never knew you could go to such heights..! Or such smooth surfaces.

So i hope you landed at home in the helicopter tapping your head and producing side effect sounds as well !

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks! Romba cool thaan!

Which heights you mean? Having a mottai?

LOL.. Yeah.. I landed at home in the helicopter tapping my head... in my dream. BTW I am not any fan or crazy... this is my usual summer Mottai to scare few people here. LOL.

Kittu said...

semma asathal drawing. andha rajini walking style superaa vandhu irukku...great job considering that you are doing this all in the train.
coming to thalaivar. his style and unbelievable charisma is the only factor that he could still sustain in the industry as a leader. I like so many of his very old films. Particularly his black and white films were the best...he certainly carried some acting too in his early carrier but murattu kaalai is the one and only movie that tranformed his career to become a megastar with people doing hero worship right then..

his fame is still unfaded and tamil industry for godsake cannot forget him.

Some of his everclasses would be thillu mullu, netrikkan, annaamalai, avargal, moondru mudichu, bhuvana oru kaelvi kuri, anbulla rajinikanth....

His best looks is in the song kaadhalin dheepam ondru..His head on the right shoulder can still be remembered and the Dyanora TV ad that starts with this song is still fresh in my mind...

hats off to thalaivar for still managing it to make it big at this age.

Kittu said...

posta vida unga boss getup arpudham...i think you can carry this look for sometime to attract all the beauties around in UK :-)
good one..

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comments. Rajini is very photogenic you know. There are only few faces which we can draw easily. He is one of them. Needless to say about the way he has come up. I too have liked his acting in films like Aarilirunthu Arupathu Varai, Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri, Sathurangam, Netrikan and many more. As you said, Kadhalil Deepam Ondru song could be always remembered.

வேதா said...

hai motta boss look supera iruku :) unga sketch kooda nalla iruku balaji :)

priya said...

Very creative:))

Balaji S Rajan said...

Thanks Pria.