06 September, 2007

Art of writing

A child gets fascinated with little things. They have fascination towards moving things, noisy, colourful and so on. The first few months when they are in bed they are attracted towards colours, movements and sound. Once they start sitting, they want to touch and feel. Once they start moving they want to grab, and their mind and hand coordination activities starts. That is really fun. They grab a pen, pencil or chalk and start scribbling on floors. They get quickly attracted towards this art.

From Childhood days, I was attracted towards pencils and chalks. There were days I used to sleep with chalks next to me. I remember having scribbled few drawings on the floor with a piece of chalk I had next to my pillow. WOW! Those wonderful days! Also, it is during childhood we get attracted towards few teachers. I cannot forget my primary school teachers Mr.James and Miss Shyamala (then) who impressed me with their beautiful handwriting. I developed a great interest in writing neatly from them. They repeatedly used to say, that to have a good handwriting you should use pencil a lot and switch over to fountain pens only in senior schools. My headmaster also was strict about it. Even last week when one of my colleague was impressed by my handwriting I just wanted to thank my primary school teachers Mr.James and Miss Shyamala. Probably they must have retired by now. I owe a lot to them. Because of good handwriting, I wanted to write a lot. Even today, I would love to write on a piece of paper what I think before putting it into action. Then as we grew into our teens, we got a sudden interest with our cousins who were living far away and then started writing letters. I still possess few letters written by my cousins during childhood days.

Writing is a great art. Let it be in any form. Just last evening while lying down on my ease chair and enjoying a cool breeze and warm sunshine at the back of my new house, memories rolled over. One of my friends had sent me a forward which was about the old and younger generation. The younger generation boasts about the technology from man landing on moon till the nano technology and blames the old of talking about those days. The old man appreciates for all that are new and asks the youngster what they have left for the future? It was a wonderful piece of forward sent by my friend Gideon from US. True! I pity at this generation. They are missing a plenty of things but from their angle certain things seems to be fine.

Last week I saw couple of youngsters walking with their latest electronic diary/phone/palm top computer or whatever it is and scribbling something with a plastic stick. I could only take a deep breath. Are we going to lose this art of writing? I still hold lots of small pieces of papers scribbled with particulars inside my wallet. Once in a while after reading them I destroy them. I started using digital diary in early 90’s and after losing valid data thrice, threw it away and never rely on them. I still have diaries (not digital though) and write with my hand. I doubt my kids. They are already into the electronic stuff. Anytime it gives a great pleasure, when you receive a handwritten letter or greetings.
But honestly how many of us have the habit of writing nowadays?
Is this art going to die?
Is the skill going to be developed only to excel in their school or University level?
Even at certain levels there are other kind of optional questions which require just a tick. Are they not going to miss the art of writing? Are they not going to miss the joy of seeing grandma or grandpa’s lovely handwriting on a piece of paper? Will writing become a talk of the past? My last hand written letter was few years before. I read somewhere that within another 50 years, those who could write will be rare and they will be looked at amazingly. Will someone discover it after 50 years and start a revolution? We could argue that we save papers and help deforestation and all the green stuff.

I remember one of my relative in the hospital bed who was constantly looking at one of the greeting card and a letter written by his brother from far away land, and the joy it brought him. I am sure that millions across the world will agree to this. Again, this is one of those which we may lose as the years roll by.

(It is a shame that I could only type this on a computer, even for initial draft. Where are we heading?)


Sundar Narayanan said...

neenga vera...

running handla ezhudinaa ennamo deiva kuttam pannina maadhiri paakkaraanga Sir!

most of the kids write the small alphabet separately.. no running hand!


Swatantra said...

Very true! I also remember the same about the secret of good handwriting by using fountain pen. My Father taught this to me. I still remember not sharing my fountain pen of chelpark to anyone as it may spoil the nib of it. Few of the pens are still with me I use them rarely now, but yes i have not stopped writing with pen.

There are few advantages of this electronic system; it has acted as a good bridge to connect people all over the world.

It give me a great feeling seeing Siddharth putting his hand on brushes and crayons now a days.

Jeevan said...

I agreed with this post, even some schools here were introducing the digital learning and writing format. The same thing makes me feel to be in touch with writing, which inspires to write a page a day at my dairy.

The future and today comes from the notes written on papers, those days writing are the forefront for the science.

Neha Nair said...

you just spoke my heart.

MM said...


I consider it a pleasant coincidence that I have chanced upon ur blog with a post as this. As a person involved in Calligraphy research, ur post has touched my heart strings.

Its heart warming to see atleast a few holding on to what we are losing out on, real fast....

thx!! gud day!

PS: I hope u dont mind my blogrolling u!

Neha Nair said...

about people writing.. i think we have got plenty of bloggers who write about anything and everything. I think people still do love writing ,including me but, what we are losing are the value of letters,telegrams. Computer has made it so easy to log in and post.. that we are losing in touch with that homeliness we get by receiving letters.

Neha Nair said...

Hey by the way Ive uploaded my video..do check out my singing

Balaji S Rajan said...


I agree with you. Yes... I did want to mention about it. But my son is OK he has a good handwriting. In general it is like what you have said.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Oh.. those lovely days of using a fountain pen. I was also the same.

I do agree the importance of electronic media and the great advantages. But I feel that we should not forget the old one too.

Glad to know that Siddharth is using crayons and brushes.

Balaji S Rajan said...


That is a great habit. Keep it up. Even today I love to write using my pen. Sometimes I scribble the post I need to publish and then type them using my computer. At work, I make use of my pen whenever I can.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Good to know that we think alike.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Welcome to my blog. Very glad that I could get someone who think the same. When time permits please read my old posts. I would like to retain certain old habits, and also like few good things in new stuff.

I strongly believe that our old habits and values should not be forgotten.

Yes.. You can blog roll me. I shall blog roll you shortly.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for letting me know. I shall see your video tonight and let me know my comments.