02 October, 2007

Moments in Life

Last weekend while relaxing after a small DIY (Do it Yourself) work, I was sipping my black Tea, and was wondering about few things that happens to everyone in life. We all live and repeat the same kind of work throughout our life. I looked at my Old mom, and my thoughts were on her way of life. She does not travel, hardly comes outside, and lives within the house, and thanks to ‘Satellite’ Channels, she is able watch the young Tamil actor walking to the court for another hearing, Politicians in Tamil Nadu burning effigy along with their supporters, and women in Madras City being fooled by con men posing themselves as jewel polishers. So, I picked up conversation with her and we both were talking of ‘moments of our life’.

There are special moments in each one of our life. They are really great and we cherish over them again and again. It gives so much of pleasure and sadness as well when we think about them. Also the moments would have made us happy and sad. But still they are moments. I read in one of Osho’s (Rajneesh) books that everyone gets a glimpse of their best moments of life, like a fast forward just before they die. I do not know how far it is true. But I try to rewind my life and try to remember the past, and only the best moments come to mind.

The everlasting one was lighting pyre on my father’s dead body while I was just 11. I could not believe it and could not understand at that age. I thought it was not true. But while coming back from the burial ground, smiled at ‘Nedunchezian’ who stopped batting when he saw me walking back home. The next day when I walked back to the burial ground along with relatives, thought it could be a bad dream and my dad may sit and laugh at me. But realised the meaning of life, when I searched for copper coins among the ashes, and my ‘Periappa’ a retired school teacher, was talking about each bones found.

The first time when I went to Sabarimala after sixty days of fasting, and had a ‘Jyothi Darshan’ was a great moment. The same way the first time darshan of ‘Lord Balaji’ at Tirupathi was a great moment. Even last year while I was there, it was an action replay moment.

The first time when I had a darshan of the great saint of the Century “Sri Kanchi Kamakota peetam Chandrasekara Swamigal” else called as “ Periyavar” of Sanakarachariars is still before my eyes. I had felt the same when I had met saints like “Andavar” of Srimad Andavan Ashram, Srirangam. I think I met most of those great saints and poets during a “World Tamils Meet” held in Dasprakash Hotel, Egmore probably 30 years before.

One of my ex-colleague was the nephew of “Kirubananda Variar” and when there was a huge crowd waiting to have a glimpse of him in Mount Road my ex-colleague who spotted me pulled me out of the crowd and took me closer to him and introduced me. He blessed and asked to continue being good to all human beings. That was a great moment to receive blessings from such a great person.

The greatest moment in life was when the auspicious instruments were played, and when I tied ‘Thali’ (Mangalsutra) on my wife’s neck. I cannot explain the feeling. That is a great sense of belonging and to everyone’s surprise I started shedding tears, though wiped it quickly.

The next one was while waiting in the corridors of the maternity ward the whole night and when the nurse carried a baby wrapped in white towel and called my wife’s name. A nurse walking with a baby in a maternity ward became familiar since I had been seeing from the previous evening. So as soon as she called out the name, I rushed to know what it was all about, and she showed the baby and said “Look at your Dad”. I think she must have watched lots of movies. If any of you are bachelor and reading this, believe me, that is a great moment. Oh... dear! The way my son looked at me was marvellous. What a great moment it was! Felt so happy to see him. It is a great feeling and the same feelings repeated after the second arrival. This time my son was there to welcome his sister.

When my younger sister got married we all went to leave her in her in-laws house. After everyone left, I stayed back for few minutes since she wanted me to stay for a while. I too felt that she may feel bored and stayed back. But when I was about to leave, I could not resist tears which rolled on my cheeks. Her in-laws and all the ladies in the house became emotional.

I used to act in stage plays within our staff club with my erstwhile employer. Once we entered into a drama competition and I was given a consolation prize for my acting and received it from Director K.Balachander in Museum Theatre. It was a great moment.

I cannot forget my first day of shooting for a Tele Serial along with famous comedian ‘Vivek’and actor director ‘Ramesh Khanna’. That was a great experience. The whole crew was waiting. They explained my scene and dialogue. It was in ARS Gardens (Ambica & Radha Thottam) in Vadapalani. The scene was behind the bars in a prison. Yes... role was Kamanandha Swamigal. I was standing behind the lock up. This is the famous lock up which comes in every other Tamil movie. Every police station scene is shot there. We had couple of rehearsal and they came up very well. The first time when the director said ‘Light, Camera, Action’.. was a great moment.

Also, I cannot forget Vivek’s presence of mind and sense of humour. He has lots of talent and the best part was he respected every other colleagues. I met plenty of Cine stars during those shootings. It was an eighteen episodes or a bit more than that. My role was for 2 or 3 episodes and one of the episodes the story revolved around my character. As a climax I had to rape Vivek who was dressed as a girl in the serial. Vivek and Ramesh Khanna would call the police and I was arrested. More than the shooting audio dubbing was very challenging. The whole experience could be written in few posts. But the entire experience was memorable. Of course, those were the days when Sun TV was just becoming popular. Relatives and friends all over India called over phone to greet and it was a great moment. Probably if I had continued, who knows I would have been there in each and every serial that is being telecast now. Definitely I would have been in ‘Kolangal’ fighting with Abhi. Probably you would have hated my face. I had to stop acting only because I could not find a role, which suited my family. My Mother wanted me to act in serials like Ramayana and Mahabaratha, and that too roles like Lakshmana. My wife wanted me to act only in Serials where there were no ladies. My son wanted me to act as a ‘Super Man’ and he could not tolerate me being a bad man in the serial and getting arrested by police. I cannot forget my experiences in acting as a similar role of ‘Premananda Swami’.

I cannot forget the Audition test for news reader in Sun TV. It was nice to see myself reading a paragraph of news in plenty of TV’s kept opposite to me. I never heard anything after that.
For anyone, I bet flying across the borders first time would have been a great moment. I felt the same when I stepped out of the flight in France.

Moments involve hearing the news of Passing out exams, Interviews and it goes on and on. There are hundreds like these. How about yours?


Dubukku said...

nice ones and well written..

Recently we were watching a super hit hindi film(slightly old) and we were reminded of you by a role (as the person looked like you)

We still refer to that character as you :))))

(More over phone)

arvindh said...

I just found out from a comment on
Revatec's blog that you recd an award from Balachandar and came here excited to congratulate you and here I find you describing your brief career on Tamil drama scene! You have had an enviable experience.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comments and remembering me while watching a hindi movie. Was it a villain character? LOL. OK we shall talk over phone.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comments. It is as simple as that. I never had stage fear from my childhood days. I never used to be conscious in public as well. These are the two important things you need to understand when you are on a stage. Because I picked it up from my childhood, and it came naturally, I could do it well.

Neha Nair said...

You just made me remind of a lot of things I had forgotten. Thanks... keep posting!

Jeevan said...

This was really a great movement you shared with us about your greats that useful for us to know about you some. Ho that’s a great miss for us to have an actor in today’s famous serials. :) The movement your wife introduce your son was so sweet and also your families support for the roles in serials.

There are some memories I come across often is one was my first day at school and left straight from school to hospital to see my little brother born for first. The trail ride at dad’s new bike sitting in front; aunt’s marrage where I was sitting beside her on the stage enjoying the process with cousins... are some and more to tell. Happy weekend friend.

Chakra said...

Your mom wanted you to act as Lakshmana. Your son as Superman. Your wife in a serial without any females.

But despite that, you 'chose' to act as Kamanandha Swamigal.. hmm... what a choice. :)) btw, you could have penned a script and created a role to satisfy all your family member's wishlist. Still, its not too late, isn't it?

Marutham said...

Just two words. YOU ROCK!! :)

//you recd an award from Balachandar //
Well now that a news!!! Great news :)

PS:Am sorry for the delay - you would understand for my disappearing act over the month thro my post. Am sorry i wasn't regular :) Shifted to our new home & lot more...
And i have t answer for a qn u had asked in prev post comment thro one out of the 3 tracks uploaded this time.


Swatantra said...


This was so touching... May GOD bless you and family with many more moments of joy, happiness, togetherness and success.

Sanjeev Unnikrishnan said...

Nice to know that you enjoy every moment of your life.
You rock man

MM said...


that was indeed one long, calm walk down your memory lane, balaji!
Loved reading every bit of this.

Was really moved reading about ur dad. on moments as these, one finds oneself suddenly realising what one so casually takes for granted.. simple joys which one never knew existed, until one fine day they are statched away from right under one's nose...

thx for reminding!
have a great day!

Dan said...

another good post. i never knew u were a good actor. u r a multitalented person. good show.

Cyberkitty said...

wow, u were an actor! that part about the rape scene was really funny, ha ha ha!

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks to let me know,that my post made you to remember few things of your past.

Balaji S Rajan said...


That is great of you to have remembered those moments! I could imagine how much of happiness it brings in when you see a new arrival for your family. It is lovely. Also, the trial run of your dad's first bike. WOW! I have not forgotten any of my bike's trial runs. Marriages! Don't tell me.. Oh.. my god. It brings back plenty of memories.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Oh..yeah.. It is not too late. Yes. .. we can do it. Now there is one more in the list. My daughter. She would like to do father of a princess.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Nothing rocking...! It was all enthu and energy. Even today I will be first to get into such funny things. Ready to go! Every moment is becoming moments to be remembered.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your wishes.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks! Oh.. they were really great moments. I had more. Just did not want to bore my readers.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your long encouraging comments. Oh.. they were the most important moments in my life. My son often asks whether my life would have been different if my father had been alive. Probably I would not have been this experienced. I take everything for good and try to be positive.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Oh..no. It was something which I had in me. Nothing great

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks. I think you are excited to know about this. Once when we were walking in the hills of Kodaikanal, two boys who were on their car, gave my family a lift and then the one who was driving saw me through the mirror and recognised and felt thrilled.

What to say!

Loga said...

I am reading this after a long time..I didn't know avt ur acting skills...Kalakkunga..Maybe write a script soon :-)