08 July, 2009

The way you make me feel

Few months before, as I was driving back home there was news about Michael Jackson’s concert in London in the local FM. I heard that the tickets were sold out within few hours. On hearing this news, it seems Michael shed tears. He was overwhelmed with the response.

Very few people who are born on this earth could have everything in life. Michael was one among few to be popular, kind, charismatic. His death was a rude shock to me just like for any other music fan in this world.

I have few of his collections as DVD and whenever we wanted to cheer up, we used to sit as a whole family and watch his DVD. It was a real ‘Thriller’ for my kids. Once when it is over, my son used to revolve round like MJ or try a moon walk. This is what called as ‘inspiration’.
Today sadly we watched his memorial service. I must admit that I was on tears when I heard the speeches of few speakers like Brooke Shield. Finally Michael’s daughter Paris made me feel sad by saying “Daddy I love you so much”. Any affectionate dad in this world would have felt emotional on seeing the young girl sobbing. I could understand how the girl would have felt on losing her father at young age. It reminded me of my father’s death when I was 11.

Michael Jackson was a wonderful singer. I have listened to his music countless times. Every time I listened to his music it brought me energy. He will live with us forever.


Kavi said...

Its been a long time Balaji. Trust you've been doing well.

MJ was an inspiration beyond caste, race, money etc. There are very few who could entertain like him.

With an electric voice and an electrifying act, he could inspire many of us, staying many thousand miles away...seeing him only on TV !

And his death certainly leaves a void. A void that can only be filled by watching the videos over and over again !

And it was very moving. To hear them all speak...

Swatantra said...

Very True!! MJ will live forever!! I was also shocked.. He was a true singer!!

Jeevan said...

Whatever the world says, what he had done isn’t an instant act. No one can touch this way in music to spring mind and energy. Let long live his music...

kumudha said...


Yeah - its sad to believe that MJ is no more - His music will live on..

On a diff. note - i read your "cycling" article and mentioned to Chitra - that u had written about her dad!!

She had told her Mom n Dad about your mention of Uncle in the Blog and her Mom had immediately said - "that it should have been about loaning the cycle" Chitra n I are amazed. Uncle apparently had nice things to say about U.



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Swamy Srinivasan aka Kittu Mama said...

//Michael Jackson was a wonderful singer. I have listened to his music countless times. Every time I listened to his music it brought me energy. He will live with us forever. //

Balaji, whatever you said above is very true.. I've listened to MJ's songs humongous # of times and infact, when I was in India, he is the only musician I know of from the Western world. There cannot be seen another talent like MJ. Dance, Singing, Music Composition, Lyrics and what not. How can one be so powerful in all these departments? He is truly a god's child and as you said, MJ will be remebered even more than he was alive. Infact, my car is playing his songs daily after his death. I play his songs when I go to work and it creates a hell a lot of energy listening to his rhythm and songs. Mind blowing artist from the planet earth.

BTW, neenga eppadi irukkeenga balaji. Its been a while we talked but you are one person whom I always wanted to talk to :) Hope you and your family are doing OK.

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