07 March, 2010

Let us keep our earth clean!

Life is more hectic when we hit middle age. This is the time our parents become older and our kids get into their teens. We need to be a balancing factor between them and act as a stabilising factor. Again we need to concentrate on our profession, career and other responsibilities. It is very challenging to keep going forward. This is a gentle excuse for keeping away from blogging.
In order to have a good family time, and some relaxation we go for long walks as a family during the weekend. We get some personal time with the kids and we use this time to share their feelings and experiences.

Yesterday, when we started walking we decided to count the litters strewn around by some morons of the society who do not care about anything on the earth and keep littering the public places. When I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland I was very much impressed by the way Edinburgh city council took care in keeping the city clean. The Edinburgh city council had a huge advertisement painted saying "Edinburgh's not an Ash tray". Once I saw this lorry, while going to work, I took my camera from my bag which I always carried and clicked the picture.

Many years before, when I was travelling along with my niece in a Taxi in Chennai, India, I threw a choclate wrapper without my conscience. Though my niece was very young, she asked me "Uncle, how can you do that? I did not expect a person like you to do that?". That is it. Her question hit me like a hammer on my head. From then I decided not even to throw a tiny bit of anything irresponsibly and litter. I have been keeping this up for many years until today, and I shall never do that as long as I have my sense in my remaining part of my life. On the contrary, I try to pick up the litter thrown by others at places and situations where it was possible. Once when I got into a tube in London, I noticed hundreds of notices lying on the floor in a compartment. While I picked them up sincerely, I could notice few of the passengers watching me. Once I finished picking, and kept them together to throw it in the bin, I saw only one passenger who did eye contact and smiled.
During our family walk, we decided to count on the litters. Within ten minutes of walking my son said that the count had crossed 100. I have clicked few of them. He said that he stopped one of his friend throwing an empty crisp packet on the road and showed his packet where he had put his own to be thrown into the nearest bin. His friend was impressed and did the same it seems.

Even at work and some hotel, I see notices displayed to avoid spitting the chewing gums on the urinals. But some morons, ignore these and still carry on their disgusting act.

If you happen to read this, and you do litter the earth, may I request you please to consider throwing it in the proper bin/recycle centre than littering our beautiful earth.

Yes, let us do our bit to keep the earth clean.


Kavi said...

Children have a way of communicating meaning to us. And can serve as wonderful eye-openers.

You make such pertinent cause for keeping our neighbourhoods clean. wish there were more like you around. How wonderful would it not be !

Great to have you write again ! How have you been Balaji !?!

Balaji S Rajan said...


You said it. Yes, children sometimes open our eyes. I like to listen to them. We are doing our bit to keep the surroundings clean.

Dubukku said...

neat message :)

awesome photos Balaji. That dummy's photo is excellent.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Thanks Dubukku.

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

Jeevan said...

Throwing is an easy way, so people use it. But they have to realize the difficult in picking up. We’re teaching children to be clean, and they follow too, but the practical mind of human struggles to carry litters to bin.

I always used to throw litters in bin and also advice others to follow this, but except my parents no others listen to me and never did the right thing. I always believe that many droplets of rain are flood and so the many litters are way to dumb yard.
These pictures shows the hidden unclean of this beautiful place.