17 May, 2010

Well done England!

My first ever cricket test match which I witnessed in my life was played between England and India in 1972 at Chepauk, India. I was so impressed with the way English men played. My Dad had told me so much about Cricket and especially English cricket. He had lots of books on Cricket and that too on England and the players.

I learnt cricket was found in England. It was full of excitement when the first world cup was played long back in 1974. I was a small boy and was at my cousin’s place. I had few cousins who were elder to me and listening to radio commentary. There was no TV telecast in Chennai, India during those days. We listened to BBC and the radio waves played havoc during crucial times. All of my cousins did their little technology bit by twisting the antenna and changing the position of the transistor.

Since it was played in England, I was under the opinion that England may win the cup since all conditions may favour them. But West Indies won it. From then whenever England were playing a semi-final or final, I wished them to win. But it never happened.

After migrating here to England, I have watched few matches and unfortunately witnessed them losing. I had a doubt whether they would ever win it?
My dream came true yesterday.

On knowing that I was not having the right cable connection I phoned up my operator and arranged for the channel. Just half an hour before the match I found that the match was likely to be shown in a different channel and not as advised by the service desk of the cable operator. So hurriedly I called them and they could not guarantee to connect within ten minutes. They told me it may take anytime between 10 minutes to 24 hours. I had no choice and closed my eyes and was silent for next few minutes. Everyone in our family felt that the clock was moving very slow. My mom started telling my kids how ladies at home had to prepare various food for their men who used to leave early in the morning to reserve seats at the stadium.

I played my TV remote hoping that they would have connected our set top box. It was ready and we brought Barbados straight into our living room. We were delighted to watch from the toss. It was nice to know that England won the toss and elected to field. There was a wicket in the very first over and our house became noisy with my son and me dancing before the Television. Again there was another wicket in the second over and it was celebration in our living room. When there was one more wicket in the third over, it was electrifying. England never slipped and they were on the rampage. English bowlers contained the Aussies very well.

Again when England started their batting it was a great delight to watch them. I have never seen such a marvellous English side. It was a team performance.

I have always admired the Aussies for their professionalism. I have witnessed the famous tie match between Australia and India played at Chepauk, India. As a young boy I have admired Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, Waugh brothers, Alan Border, Kim Hughes and many more.

But having settled in England now, I realise how important and serious a match against Aussies is played. Aussies are arch rivals of English cricket team and every match are played with the same vigour as it is played between India and Pakistan in the sub-continent.

At last it was our day! England outclassed the Aussies in every department of the game yesterday. I am glad that England has won. This will be a morale boost. From now, they should plan well to get to the top on all formats of the game.

Well done England! You deserve this. Keep flying high!


Kavi said...

35 year drought erased with new rain ! of a new team !

Congratulatios indeed !

Balaji S Rajan said...


Yes. After such a long time they have won it. It was a good win too.

Cyberkitty said...

Watching cricket live is such a pleasure..incomparable to television!