06 May, 2006

The new life

Life always has its own twist and turn. Though I do not have time to sit before the computer, the city life is keeping me active by many thoughts. I am getting used to the life in London.

Travelling by tubes (underground trains) and looking around people is really exciting. Having been in a sleepy town so far and moving to a big city has its own life. I pick up the newspaper 'METRO' daily from station. I meet new faces daily. London is really a great cosmopolitan city. Great city of multi-culture, multi-language and multi-ethnic people. Before you finish your daily journey you can hear many languages. I enjoy, hearing people talk. Sometimes I wonder at their language it is. There are many Europeans. It is fun to watch people talk loudly in their mobiles. Ofcourse, the mobile does not work when you travel in tubes. I come across so many topics when I travel by train. Last week there was a Tamil Couple discussing about the life in London and at Chennai. Probably they thought I do not know Tamil and were discussing loudly about each one of their friend.

Every weekend I visit home which is more than 3 hours journey by train from London. Last weekend I had to catch only the last train. Having travelled by last trains in Madras suburbs, I felt funny when I travelled by the last train to my home town. I could reach only around 1.00 A.M on saturday. The kids had gone to sleep. The next day goes in setting right things back at home and spending time with kids. Again, Sunday I get ready for the big journey. I have come across many things when I travel in the train. I shall be exchanging them with you all shortly.

My house move is planned for the next week and I may be without computer connection for few days. Kindly bear with me and I shall get back to my routine shortly. My idea of bringing up a Tamil blog is very much there. I have articles ready for few posts. But still too many things are going around with me at the same time.

One of these days while going through the metro newspaper I came across few interesting stuff.

*** I saw a picture of Tony Blair in the parliament. The photo had specifically mentioned about a red thread on his hand. The part of the article goes like this...."Tony Blair has turned to a new ally- the Mother Goddess Shakti. The Prime Minister sported a red thread around his wrist at yesterday's rowdy question time session. The thread or nadachedi, is a Hindu symbol which signifies attachment to the Goddess - who brings strength, good luck or protection. It was a gift of friendship presented to Mr. Blair when he visited a Hindu temple last week." Whether he accepted it as a gesture or to respect other's feeling, it looks like he realises the benefit of it. Rest of it I leave it to you.

***The whole country is hoping for Wayne Rooney to be fit before the World cup.

***Chaos as Tube is crippled by heat. Thousands of commuters were delayed yesterday as the Tube network was crippled by the sweltering heat. Trains were forced to crawl at just 20mph rather than their usual speed of 45 mph to 50mph as tracks expanded in the 27 degrees Celsius heat. It makes me to laugh. We have a great network system back home. At times when we realise the volume of network our Indian railways handle, it is amazing. The major difference is here it is not easy to travel without ticket. There is no first class or Ladies compartment in the local trains.

***Seeing couples locking lips in parks and public places can be off-putting. But now they have got an excuse- it can cure the misery of hay fever. A 30-minute kissing session can reduce the body's allergic reaction to pollen, a study has found. Kissing relaxes the body and reduces the production of histamine- a chemical pumped out in response to an allergies. Britain has more than 13 million hay fever sufferers, whose symptoms range from a runny nose and itchy eyes to severe reactions such as asthma attacks. Nowadays I feel like I have hay fever. Anyhow should check with my Doctor.

Enjoy the pictures of Clouds over Thames river, and the great London Eye. Let me know how they are.


Sundar Narayanan said...

as usual your pictures are amazing.


hay fevernnu sollittu nicea kiss panna try pannareengala ??


Jeevan said...

Nice photos. Have you ride in the London Eye? I have traveled in train 10 years back; I like the sound titek titek, which comes form the track. Will, your kids school will affect if you settle in London with family. Enna friend, fever’a? Hum… okok, nadakattum nadakattum:) olunga poie doctora parunga.

Naayagan said...

very nice pics!!!!

arvindh said...

Excellent pictures! And as usual your narrative reveals your keen observation. Travelling by public transport is always fascinating - the interactions you observe and also the casual conversations you get to take part in make you feel so alive.

Adaengappa !! said...

Commuting !Sure,it would be fun but for a company..LOL

Mr.B sporting hindu thread ? Thats news !!

Btw,Nice pics.
Happy Summer 2006 !

(intha ooru kaaran maadiri wish panren..lol)

danni said...

I guess Tony is trying to find help from whevever he can at the moment. It is good to see that he has a level of respect for faiths other than his own though, I can't imagine Bush doing that. Check out this funny site!

Jo said...

So that's why you were away for a while now. :-)

I hope to see more London notes and pics.

BTW, those pics are nice. :-)

வேதா said...

well njoying in london. i always wanted to visit the place. i hope my wish comes true someday.:)

Marutham said...

The pictures were AMAZING!! Great..
And London- a beautiful city and with lots of CULTURE!! Appa adikadi solluvaanga.. Nice Blog u have :)

Suji said...

Great pics! Good to know you have you are enjoying ur new routine and have settled down well. Looking forward to ur travel anecdotes. :)

Vanathi said...

Cool pics...

nishu said...

nice very nice pictures.narrative is g8 even

Ram Viswanathan said...

Enjoyed your post on 'tube' experiences..

You must have moved your family to London by now..

Good Luck and hope to see in the blogosphere soon..