30 May, 2006


My daughter's favourite play is to hold a small box in her hand and start conversing, imagining the small box as a mobile phone. It is interesting to watch her laughing and talking, giving enough time to allow her imaginary friend to talk and scream. If a child could get fascinated so much at this small box(mobile phone), imagine the influence it is creating on the younger generations. I try to remember about my childhood days. Talking over telephone was very expensive affair. Only those who were very affluent had telephones in their house. But over years, technology has taken over.

Last couple of years, I have been watching the technology changes happening back home. Few years before, when I had been to India, I had to refurbish my house. The painter was getting a call from another friend of him, who was painting in a house few yards away from my house. His friend wanted him to join for a cup of tea, in the neighbouring Tea shop in the street corner. He was getting more than a dozen calls in few hours. I gave him a pep talk to know about the economics. His joy was that he does not need to wait for phone connection and this is instantaneous. It helps him in his business and he need not bother about moving home. His phone charges must be the major expense for his family. This is in a developing country. I remember a cartoon by Mathan in Ananda Vikatan many years before when Rajiv Gandhi the then Prime Minister announced that communication will become easy even in villages by 2000. The cartoon was a farmer during a break while ploughing, gets hold of a phone in a public booth near a big banyan tree and informs his wife that he will be at home for lunch. This was many years before.

Sometimes it is scary to travel in the late hours in London. The other night I was really scared when I saw someone gigantic and laughing and walking opposite to me in a subway. He asked how are you doing and I was about to answer that I am fine. I was bit scared whether he is going knive me. I had a sigh of relief, when I heard him saying "Darling, I miss you...". The little gadget is taking the world by storm. Some behave so awkwardly in public, by talking loudly. They need to understand that they spoil the privacy of others by talking loud. I have seen others raising their eyebrows on seeing such people. The most irritating of all, is when they laugh and discuss their personal stuff. Also, the ring tones are so irritating. Most of the desis have the latest hit Hindi songs as ring tones. Especially during work, some of them do not have the courtesy to put it on silent mode. The best part is when they leave the phone on desk while they are away from the desk. I hate to hear the ring tones.

Few years before people were crazy in having a music when they were reversing the cars in India. I used to get wild when they use music like baby crying, that too while reversing their car in Hospitals. On observing all these, I am afraid whether we are back to old civilisation. We may be advancing by technology, but going back by civilisation. Last but not the least, many times I forget to switch back from silent mode and some of my friends may mistake for not attending their phone calls. Please pardon me.... No... it is not sign of ageing...

The picture in this post is Loh Catherine in Scotland. Lake is called as Loh in Scotland. Close your eyes and imagine the silence that could be found in such places.... Wonderful!!!


visithra said...

The thing with phones is - u cant live without it nor live with it

welcome back by the way ;)

arvindh said...

I totally agree with you. Cellphones are a pain. I have mine in silent mode most of the time. I want to be left in peace to enjoy my daydreaming. However, as Visithra said cellphones cannot be wished away. "Puli vaala piditha maadhri dhaan indha technological evolution" - there is no going back.

Speaking of telephones I am reminded of this interesting anecdote that I heard. When the telephone was just discovered, Mark Twain was approached for funding the project - he did not see it as a good investment. Apparently he said that he cannot think of more than 2 other people besides himself (he was pretty rich) who will buy the gadget!

Adaengappa !! said...

Adhuthaan en blog paeru TRINGTRING..:-)

kaikul ulagam..My uncle who came over here in early 60's,used to say how he books calls to India once a month ,and pays about a dollar for 5 mins.Given the connectivity issues in India in early 60's ,they cherished each and every moment they spoke home.

Ippo..nenacha veetuku oru call !!
VAAZHGA Technology !!

Nice post :-)

Suji said...

Each technology has it pros and cons. But ppl really need to learn mobile phone etiquettes. Its shameful that ppl won't put in in silent mode even in the temple and movie halls. I also always forget to switch back from the silent mode and then everybody screams at me saying why do i have a mobile phone if i never pick it up. :)

Vanathi said...

Cool pic...

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

First time here. Good blog.
The black background, make it a little difficult to read

Jeevan said...

the cell phones are very useful now, we can take it any were with us. others can easly contact with us throught cell phones. i hate the reverse sounds form car's we also had Vasigara song in our car, i asked dad to remove that it was irretating me.

My uncle's daughter also take her dad's mobile and imagine like talking to her friends.

Jo said...

LOL@the train incident. And you're right some people talking aloud on their phones in the public places.

And that lake, oops, loh! looks so beautiful and calm. Hope you had a nice time there.

unknown said...

good memories and experiences u shared ...

Barbienan said...

My usage of phone is come to 5% in Hungary. I am enjoying this. Hey this is the best time to vist Isle of Wight near Portsmouth. Try it out.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Visit- You are right.

Arvindh- Nice quote. I meant Puli Vaal

Arvind - I agree. Kaikul Ulagam. Also I have heard my relatives speaking to us once in a blue moon from abroad when we were kids (during those trunk call age)

Suji - Thanks for your comments.

Vanathi - thanks

Venki - Thanks for visiting.

Jeevan - Thanks for your comments.

Jo- Thanks again. You seem to be very busy nowadays.

Ammu - Thanks for your comments.

Barbienan - That is good. I have started disliking the mobile very much. Spoils our privacy.