16 June, 2006

Party for a good cause

The following article in NDTV(26th March 2006) created a spark in Premalatha Balan, our UK blogger.

A hostel in Madurai has been forcing students to maintain a public register of their menstrual cycle. This is to prevent premarital sex and to ensure that teenage girls do not go astray. The invasion of privacy has been taking place for years at the government hostel for poor and backward class students in Tamil Nadu's Madurai district. The register has columns for the exact dates of their cycle. Even slightly irregular dates invite snide remarks and harsh reprimands by the hostel warden. "Making them write down their menstrual cycle dates creates mental torture. They are not even able to tell their parents about these things. It is creating a lot of tension," said Jeeva, Regional Convenor, TN Child Rights Protection Network.Defending the outrageous measure, the hostel warden says it is the best way to keep the girls under check and prevent possible premarital sex."I've only been continuing what my predecessors started. I am doing it with students' interest at heart," said Selvarani, warden, Adi Dravidar Students Hostel.Sanitation woesThe girls revealed that the policing is done by the cook under the overall supervision of the warden. But while their records may be strictly monitored, their sanitation is not. The girls claim their hostel has just one bathroom but that is exclusively for the warden. The girls can enter it but only to clean it and not use it. Ironically the moral brigade is unconcerned about the fact that the girls have to bathe out in the open after dusk.

Premalatha Balan wanted to do something for these girls hostel. She spoke to me over phone about the hardships faced by these girls. I felt very bad for those young girls. We really wanted to do something. We also knew that our summer party was due. So Premalatha struck with the idea of meeting for a cause. We gathered at a country side near Hemel Hemstead. A small collection fee was charged for the party and thus we were able to raise a small amount for the cause. All the arrangements for the party were excellent. Though we met for few hours and had good fun, we went home with content that we could do something for someone on that day. Lots of bloggers had participated and had done a great help for the party. The familiar bloggers like Dubukku, Ammani ( She has run London marathon to raise fund for a charity), Dadoji, and few more were there. Premalatha had sought help from social minded film actress, and sent letters to the highest office of State.

Balan and blogger Dubukku were instrumental, in making good arrangements for the party. They had shown so much care and concern, to such a great extent, no fizzy drinks were available for the children to mess around and get hyper. Dubukku had taken such a herculean task of bringing the food for the entire party in his own car in order to save the delivery charge.

I do not have words for such people. There was a brief coverage by the local press. On reading the article, a generous English lady, has sent a small donation to Premalatha for the cause. I salute such people who could understand the sufferings of innocent girls in a corner of the world. I wish many more of us become more aware about such things happening back at home, and do something to give a good life for the people who are suffering. I know that there could be hundreds of hostels and schools like that, in many parts of the world. We have just started a small begining. We strongly believe that a seed can make the whole earth green.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Great Job Balaji..Hats off to all of you.! Very noble cause indeed.

Shameful acts like these must be condemned by one and all!

Nice to see the photos. Your Akash and Mithu have grown up.!! Cute.!!

I could spot Rajee too, and you as well.!!

Why don't you start an email campaign to the Pres.of India..thru his website?

வேதா said...

thts a great job and i am so happy that such generous people live in the world. i pray to god for all of u.

Jo said...

That's so nice and a great idea.

SLN said...

Thanks for posting the photos and the detailed (background) writeup.

SLN (from the party)

Jeevan said...

Appriciate your thoughts to help our young girls. Nice Photos.

Marutham said...

HATS OFF to all of you those who had participated in this great Movement :) ..... It really puts up a smile on my face to see "There are still people around to take care of and help for not just related people!! Great job !! Every 1 in that picture- will have your credits given in Chithragupthas Book :) !!! Cheers!!

Ram Viswanathan said...


This is good stuff.. Hats off to all of you for doing this.. (Premalatha, Dubuku and others..) I read somewhere "We can't change the whole world but we can the part we touch one at a time".. That's what you guys have done..

God Bless..

ambi said...

Gr8 job, and i'm sooo happy that my brother dubukku is on full form... keep going...

btw, danks for the visit, (he, hee, commentum marakaama podunga inimee!)

ammani said...

Thanks, Balaji for the detailed write-up and the photos. It was a day well spent. And all credit to Prema, Dubukku and others who made it happen.

(what, no mention of the title you won? and how you and your family stayed back to clear things up?)

WA said...

aahaa dubukku aadura aatatha ellam paakaa escape agitene. Lucky me.

Great photos and write up. Well done on the money raised for a good cause

Shankari said...

hello, hopped to your blog thro Narayanan's blog. What a great job. I love to volunteer and enroll in activities like you did. Wonderful Blog BTW

Barbienan said...

This is wonderful. I am so happy that atleast we indians could make this happen though we are far from home. Great job balaji...

We did the same here to the spastic hospital here in Hungary. A days food and magic shows for the kids to enjoy and to stay with them the day. It feels really good.

arvindh said...

I am so shocked to hear about the procedured followed at this hostel in Madurai.

It is great that you could put together this show in order to change things for the better back home.

Marutham said...

:-/ No recent post? Busy... ? ! Come back soon :)

RandomThoughts said...

That's a wonderful gesture! Fun with a purpose.

Three cheers to all of you.


Balaji S Rajan said...

NV - Thanks da. We hope to have many more get togethers like this.

Veda - Thanks for your prayer.

Jo/Sln - Thanks dude.

Jeevan - Thanks... yetho yengalala mudincha siru uthavi.

Marutham - Thanks for complimenting as well as recommending to Chitragupta.

Ram - Thanks for your encouraging comments.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Ambi - Unga annan asathitarrupa. Yenna kuthu pottaru theriyuma... Thanga mudiyalai.

Wa - Thanks ma. I know all of you are pulling dubukku's legs.

Ammani - Your involvement in the party is equally appreciated.

Shankari - Thanks for your comments and visiting the blog.

Balaji S Rajan said...

barbienan - Thanks for your comments. Nice to hear about what you did in Hungary. Let us keep doing such things.

Arvindh - Thanks for your encouraging words.

Rashmi - Thanks for your encouragement. yes... it was for a good cause.

Marutham - Little busy with personal works. Too many things happening around me and a trip to India took some time. From now you should be able to see frequent posts.

Chandrika said...

Great job, Balaji. I wish I could do something like that with bloggers from this part of the world.