10 August, 2006

God please answer me

I am very disturbed on reading the following news in the internet today.

Salem, Aug 10 - In a gruesome incident, a mentally deranged person stabbed to death his five-year-old daughter before attempting suicide last night, police said.

Saraswathy was asleep when her father Madhu (28) attacked her with a sharp-edged weapon. Her mother Rajammal told police that she was sleeping outside the room when the incident took place.

Later, the man slit his throat. He was admitted to the government hospital here where his condition was stated to be critical.

He had undergone treatment for psychological disorders before, police added.

My questions:-

How could the mother allow such a person to get closer to the child?

The child is of my daughter’s age. What she would have thought before going to bed? I bet that the child would have definitely hugged her father and kissed him during the day or at least played with him, giggled and smiled at him. How could he do this?

Why did the man slit his throat. Did he feel guilty? Did he realize later?

The child must have been there with so many dreams. Shameless father don’t you realize that life is wonderful and she was your own child. How could you get the thought of killing that wonderful flower which was blossoming? People like you should not be pardoned. Men like you are a curse for the society.

O! God what are you going to do with him?


Chandrika said...


Yesterday, my husband and I were discussing about another evil which is spreading through our society fast..one which is shaking the roots of civilisation...I am talking about fathers using their own daughters to satisfy their carnal desires...Where is our society heading to? And will such animals be punished at all? The rising number of such heinous crimes makes me wonder if the world is really coming to an end.

Jeevan said...

Very crule mind father. i think man slit his throat is an drama to escape form the police.

Every day in Dhinathanthi, their are many news like this, mother gave poison to his kids and die. killing there won kid who are disturbe for they illigal relationship.

Vicky Goes Crazy... said...

sounds too pathetic ... but still y he did ??... did he do this n his full consciousness ??? god knows ... u said he was mentally affected person .. anyways its really a bad incident to know or c or hear ..

lets hope they have a better life n next birth ...

Balaji S Rajan said...

Chandrika - It is really cruel. 23 years before I saw a rickshaw puller hitting his own mother on the road and was in tears. Such people do exist and it is so sad to know these. Very sad indeed.. Thanks for visiting.

Jeevan - Could not imagine. I have always wanted to talk to such women and convince them. Once I spoke to a woman in a village, who was very depressed with poverty and drunken husband. I am happy that I could show her some positive ways to live. I do not know whether she is alive now. Atleast she was happy and sent her children to school and got a small household job. Hope the children have grown big and taking care of their mother. More charity organisations should come up to support such women.

Vicky - Yes it is very pathetic. He would have been conscious. Though he had psycological disorder according to report, who knows... it would have been fabricated also to save him. The woman(mother) would have been compelled to say that by the man's relatives. Who knows ? She may have to live the remaining life with the sorrow.

nullity said...

i want to emphasise on the comments made by chandrika & jeevan..i could see morethan two to three such news in the newspapers on a daily basis...just wanted to remember the words of Mr. Kalam on the power of media...this may not be the only reason for all these crimes..but i feel the media has a lot of role to play in influencing the mindset of people...what these TVs sow is what we cultivate...in sun tv news one of political leader was expressing his thoughts on tamil culture and blah..blah....the news was followed by a serial which focusses on puzzling relationships...

Balaji S Rajan said...

Nullity - I feel then there should be a censor board for TV Serials too. If you have read my previous post on Tamil Cinema, I had mentioned about violence in our movies. True as you said, that these kind of actions, will have bad influence on those who are a bit weak in their thoughts. Also, I agree that media's role is very important. Visual media is very powerful and our people have to use it in a better way. There is no point in Political leaders preaching something and practising something.

Raji said...

Sad State of affairs..

Life is really cruel.. There are so many of us who long for a girl child to whom God turns a deaf ear and here are some who never realised the worth of what they had and lose it

Balaji S Rajan said...


True. I thought about your post on reading this news and felt the same. Life is like that...isn't it?

Ram Viswanathan said...

Very tragic..

Unfortunately.. these kinds of 'WHYs' will always remain with us..

Balaji S Rajan said...


True they will always remain with us.

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