23 November, 2006

Green thought

Every child will have a favourite toy. Certain qualities of children are peculiar. A child should have a memorable life. If asked to rate, I would rate my childhood as the best part in my life. The other day I was laughing to my daughter’s innocent comments.

I had a great opportunity to participate in open meeting in her school. The parents are invited to school and can spend the time in the school, and know the way how their children are taught. I was surprised to see very few parents and more surprised to know that I was the only Dad. But still I started enjoying. My daughter was not conscious of my presence. It was a wonderful experience to watch each child behaving in their own way. Within one hour, I made good friends in my daughter’s class. Oh…how innocent they were! During the play time, I observed that each child had their favourite toy to play with. After the morning session, I returned home with sweet memories and the children happily waved at me saying “See you tomorrow”.

I was trying to recollect my favourite toy. My favourite toy was a small London bus which my Dad got me when I was small. Whenever I see the bus in London it reminds me of my childhood. I had the toy for many years. I wanted to click the famous London bus. Finally I made it one day. The picture you see in this post is the one I clicked when I was roaming in the city. The traffic is very busy.
Looking at the Traffic it reminded me of Prince Charles’s recent statements. He is being called as Green Prince. Recently he was on the headlines for his thought on Global warming. Prince Charles has told some of his staff to use bicycles in the fight against global warming. He is even prepared to travel to London by commuter train from a station near High grove. Charles will stop using royal helicopters and private jets on official engagements whenever possible. Charles has also told aides to find a more environmentally friendly fuel for his fleet of cars.

What are our ‘Manbumigus’ (Ministers) planning to do? Will they set an example or ask who cares?

I have bought a cycle just few weeks before, how about you?


Meena said...

I think it should have been great to be at school back again, though it is with the next gen.

the cycle plan, i just love it. But why is it in the US they would not have public transport in all places? When I was in India, I wanted to go by cycle to office (5km) as a way of working out. But my friends would not allow. I also felt it will not suit my company's profile. Was I right?

Loga said...

Very nice post
and very nice of you to spend the day in your daughter class..
When you talked about the favorite toy, I was just reminded of Rose baby which I used to carry everywhere until I had to give it to my sister..
ya you are right about riding cycle, but I feel public transportation still needs to be promoted in developed countries

Anonymous said...

Be a child and dont grow - would have been the best gift in life.

Unfortunately, i've grown but memories are always referring back to those childish days.

keep us tickling with those thoughts balaji.

dany said...

Global warming - im reading state of fear currently which talks about the truths on global warming - dont know how much of it is really true..

Kavi said...

I guess your presence would impact your daughter in the long run !

So very proud of the effect that you were able to create

Global warming is such a phenomenon. Buying a bicycle is a good idea ! I am going to seriously consider that!

arvindh said...

cycling is my passion - used to travel all over Blore in it. For old times sake I did the same this time - greatly enjoyed the experience.
Speaking of toys I have never grown out of them - I still continue to buy toy cars ...for myself.

வேதா said...

jus reminded of my childhood days.மரச்சொப்பு வச்சு விளையாடின நினைவுகள் வந்துவிட்டன, இந்த காலத்துல தான் எங்க பார்த்தாலும் ப்ளாஸ்டிக் பொம்மைகள்.

What are our ‘Manbumigus’ (Ministers) planning to do? Will they set an example or ask who cares?
அப்படியெல்லாம் நடந்தா அவ்வளவு தான் உலக அதியசத்துல அதையும் சேர்த்துக்க வேண்டியது தான்:)

I have bought a cycle just few weeks before, how about you?
ரொம்ப வருஷமா மூலையில் இருந்த சைக்கிளை இப்ப தான் காயலான் கடையில போட்டோம்,இன்னொன்னு வாங்கினா வீட்டுல டின்னு தான்:)அதுக்கு பதில நடராஜா சர்வீஸ் தான்:)

btw,i changed my template. i think u can view my blog now.

Jo said...

That's a great thing the schools out there doing. Sad that not many are using it.

I remember my fav toy was a gun tha my brother bought. :-)

Jeevan said...

How suprise one of my fav childhood toy was Doublt-decker bus like London buses. I love to ride cycle:)

Sundar Narayanan said...

my fav was a monkey driving a cycle.. the monkey had a stick in its hand and it would hit a bell as the wheel moved.. it was made of wood and metal! dont see those kind of elaborate handmade toys these days anymore.. everything is made in china and has at least 2 AA batteries.. nice post balaji sir.


ps. i also bought a cycle. just too cold outside here.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Meena- Thanks for visiting. Nice to hear that you were using a bicycle when you were in India. I have thought several times about whether it will suit company's profile. But you should see people here. They do not care.

Loga - Thanks. Public transport is excellent here.

Anony - I shall keep tickling with those thoughts sure.

Dany - Many of them are true. We have started experiencing it already.

Kavi - Hope you start it soon.

Arvindh - Oh...lovely. Good that you are still buying those toy cars.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Veda - I still have few of those wooden toys back in India. What a pleasure they were. I know the difficulties in riding a cycle by woman wearing our style of dresses.
But still it is worth it.

Jo - The schools have great creative ideas here. Our schools should change and also the parents mentality. I could imagine few parents grumbling and comparing their children with others if allowed, and also complaining about teachers showing partiality. Our parents are too possessive about their kids and never appreciate the other kids.

Jeevan - Oh.. do you like it too. My god it was a wonderful experience to get into a double decker in London for the first time.

Sundar- I could remember that toy. Monkey driving a cycle. One of my friend had it and it was fun to watch. LOL... Monkeys are always funny.