14 November, 2006

Sweet life

Today is World Diabetes day. I think that there is no better day, than today to know a bit about Diabetes. If you feel this is boring then I do not blame you. The reason is you may think that you are too young to worry about, or this is for someone who is very obese, or who eats lots of sugar. Please…Please….do not ignore. I was just like you until last December. On one fine day in the month of January, I volunteered to my Doctor to test my blood and was shocked to know that I am diabetic.

We all know Diabetic means sugar related disease. But after I was affected I realised many facts about Diabetics.

It is irrelevant of any age. My doctor said that he has patients who have diabetics even in their teens. A recent study has revealed that 73.8 per cent obese children in Chennai are from upper middle class.Doctors say that childhood obesity should be addressed seriously as it will lead to many diseases including diabetes. Moms please stop over feeding your children.India has the maximum number of diabetic patients and the number will touch 57 million by the year 2025.The prevalence of diabetes has increased from 5.2 percent in 1983 to 8.2 per cent in 1989 and rose to 11.6 in the year 1995.

It could be controlled well with diet and regular exercise.

It is purely a life style related disease. Simple exercises such as walking daily, dietary control and following medicines if required can keep it under control.

Every diabetic patient should check their eye and feet frequently. They should be checked immediately of damage it has caused in us. The nerves leading to eyes and feet are very minute. Especially the nerves leading to eyes are so minute they look like a hair, when eyes are blown to the size of a 17 inch computer monitor. If there is any blockage or burst there will not be any pain to reveal this. Only a proper eye screening test will reveal this and doctor will prescribe the necessary care and medicines.

Feet should be taken care of very well. In fact every diabetic patient should treat his feet like face, and give care. Trimming of nails should be done cautiously. A check up with Chiropodist will be perfect.

Another wrong idea that prevails in a common man is borderline diabetes. According to the Doctors, there is nothing called as borderline diabetes nowadays. It is just either diabetic or non-diabetic.

Diabetic is nothing but a chronic health condition where the body is unable to produce insulin and properly break down sugar (glucose) in the blood. Symptoms include hunger, thirst, excessive urination, dehydration and weight loss. The treatment of diabetes requires daily insulin injections, proper nutrition and regular exercise.

There are two types of diabetes.
In type 1, the body's unable to produce any insulin. This usually starts in childhood or young adulthood. It's treated with diet control and insulin injections. Type 1 diabetes used to be called 'insulin-dependent diabetes'.
In type 2 diabetes, not enough insulin is produced or the insulin that is made doesn't work properly. This tends to affect people as they get older, and usually appears after the age of 40. It used to be known as maturity-onset diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes.

I heard very good news related to insurances for Diabetic patients. Earlier there were no medical claim insurances for Diabetic patients in India. But recently certain companies have made policies available for those suffering with diabetics.
It seems that they cover to such extent as Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, Expenses towards regular visits which used to be major expenses for that lesser income group. Also if the disease is in control, the premium is maintained the same. I knew personally few who died since they could not afford to spend for such medical expenses and suffered with this disease until their death.
If any of you have relatives, or friends affected by Diabetics, please let them know about this and let them make use of it.
After seeing many people succeeding in controlling the disease, I remember the following which I have read somewhere.
There is nothing in this world as impossible. Even the word impossible if read carefully says I (a)M POSSIBLE.


Jeevan said...

Its very useful post! I too know about the insurances for Diabetic patients recently, i have been advised my dad to take a Health insurances, but this one had gone further. Let me urge him to take policy on diabeties.

arvindh said...

Very informative post.

Kavi said...

Sorry to hear that you are diabetic as well, Balaji. Your free spirit and the outward looking nature conceal this !

The information that you have provided is breathtaking ! I wish people who read learn from it !

Good luck to you !

Suji said...

Thanx for all the information. I have a collegue whose 2 year old son was detected to be diabetic recently. That is so sad.

dany said...

informative balaji.

Prabu Karthik said...

very good post balaji sir,

my dad was a diabetic.

India is the diabetic capital of the world.

i find every 2nd middle aged person i talk to is a diabetic.

its high time we spread some awareness abt this.

Eyes,foot pathi sonneenga, kidney and heart kooda add pannalaam :)

RandomThoughts said...

Informative post Bala, with todays lifestyles it is so much a part of our life! Thanx for all those simple preventive measures.
It is hereditary too? Are any of ur parents diabetic?

Take care.


Anonymous said...

my dad is also diabetic. goog one balaji

Balaji S Rajan said...

Jeevan - I am glad that you find it useful. Please enquire about this and urge your Dad to take one. Kindly let me know the details of this policy.

Arvindh - Thanks.

Kavi - Thank you for your wishes. I was shocked initially to know about it since I lost my father in my early ages who was also diabetic. But I made up my mind and have started living following the essential ways.

Suji - Oh..god. That is cruel. I wish your friends develop good courage and strong will power to raise their child in a healthy way.

Dany - Thanks.

PK - Yeah.. you have told about your Dad before. You are right about heart and kidney. Kidney's condition is found by the first Urine test results, and Heart should be also taken care. I had written only about the initial immediate tests which in general many ignore. One of my friend is diabetic for the past 3 years and he still ignores to take care and laughs at me. His eyes are already affected and he does not care about it. As you said, I could have included about heart and kidney too.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Rashmi - Yes my Dad was diabetic. As someone said this to me, this is the only property that is passed on to the heirs without any will. LOL.

Kittu - Sorry to hear that your Dad is diabetic. I hope he takes proper care.

Uma Krishna said...

good one balaji. my dad had kidney problems and had dialysis until his death. we were not aware if he was diabetic. very nice ending to the post, i like it. take good care of yourselves.