27 September, 2008

Lunch Time photo

As I was walking around during my lunch hours, I came across few scenes. This one was strange. The guy inside the Vehicle was relaxing during his lunch break.

We live in this world, observe many things and enjoy them as well. Many cities have so much of life and we need to learn a lot from everyday's life in every town. In UK, I have observed in many public places, Gardens, walk paths there are few benches for people to relax. Though at many places the local council has provided them, there are few places where even the public have donated these benches in memory of certain things. While Iwas walking along a patway I saw atleast around 20 benches. Many of them were donated by men in memory of their dear wife, daughters in memory of their mothers, women in memory of their husbands, some clubs on occasion of their annual days. But I could hardly see any donated by sons in memory of their parents.


Sundar Narayanan said...

by golly you are right..

come to think of it, every park we go to has little signs like this which are in memory of the kids, put by parents or in memory of a spouse.

very rarely do we see a bench put by the kids for their parents.

interesting observation Balaji Sir. what is means, do not know.. need to think about it!

do older people mourn the loss of younger ones by having to place benches, while the young ones do not feel the need to have such things to have a memory of their elders?



ambi said...

//But I could hardly see any donated by sons in memory of their parents.

hmmm, really thought provoking.
i could relate this with donating tube lights, bells to temples here in TN printed "nankodai vazhangiyavar maa.vee.so" in tubelites". :)

snaps are too good as usual.

Amethyst said...

Hi Balaji,

Nice pics. Hmmm, food for thought!!

We say that Indians ape the west in many things we do. I say why don't we follow their example for such good deeds too?

Kavi said...

Thats a super cool observation. I can only think of colleges here opened in the name of parents / grandparents here...!

I am wondering if there is a greater meaning behind this all.

But you have captured an important essence of whats happening..makes me think hard !

Jeevan said...

Its completely strange and wonderful, donating benches for someone relaxation. Nice to share!

Balaji S Rajan said...


Nice thought and question. Do younger ones think about those older ones or not! May be yes! But not bothered too much. Especially I did not find any bench donated by sons in memory of their parents though I could find some daughters.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I liked it. Yes... in our places they used to have tubelights, and other stuff as you have mentioned. But I feel that they should also have some benches like these.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Yes... we need to follow in certain good deeds. Thanks for your comments.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I understand. I do appreciate people naming apartments in memory of others. I know a relative who named one of the apartment in memory of his mother. But when his mother was alive he did not bother about her at all. Even the old mother had told me personally many times. What to do! Even we have some like this.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comment. It is a great thought and all of your comments will come to my mind when I see some benches in the future.