03 September, 2008

Mixture of thoughts

Sometimes certain thoughts flash into my mind. I get a weird feeling whether it is only me who think like this or would there be someone else who thinks the same way.

I would like to share few of my thoughts.

1) What is life all about? We are born, we grow, educate and earn, marry, rear children. We see many good and bad on the way. We get experienced and notice that world is changing. We try to compare the old and new days, generation, habits, music, culture and etc. Why? Is it all just the human way?

2) I feel of late, many people are turning to be selfish. Let it be your friends or relatives. Everyone cares only for their next. If there is a flood in Andhra Pradesh, a friend of mine calls me to know whether my relatives in Andhra Pradesh are fine. If there is an earthquake in Gujarat, relatives of mine are worried about my relatives who live in Gujarat. Why does ‘Me’ ‘My’ come first? Few years before when there was an earthquake in Gujarat, a relative of mine called me to know whether I have called my other relative in Gujarat and enquired their welfare. For me the concern is about everyone who lives in Gujarat. I did not call my relative. There was enormous pressure from other relatives on me. Finally before I made a decision to call, my relative from Gujarat called me and said not to worry.

3) During my recent journey I happened to meet a student who is originally from Iran, but studying in UK. He started responding to my smile and within few minutes we started exchanging lots of news. Out of all the information he shared, I was impressed by one. It seems when he was ready to start off to UK, his parents advised him to be careful in choosing friends and if at all he wanted to have a close friend they advised him to have from India rather from any other place. He asked whether I was surprised by this and I said ‘yes’. It seems Iranians, have high esteem on Indians.

4) I came across few people who shared their personal problems. It did not seem a problem for me at all. I made it very clear to those persons that it is only the way they perceive things. Many of us draw a circle and try to live within that circle without thinking anything out of the circle. The greatest drawback is our incapability in trying to put ourselves in other’s shoes and think. I feel many misunderstandings may not happen, if either of the parties could think that way. I would say few are incapable in trying to think from other’s shoes. The best way to overcome a problem is to think from different angles and draw a solution.

5) I have two other professionals sharing the house with me. On conversing with them, and also after experiencing with lots of youngsters, I feel that many of them in their early and late twenties are committing themselves into lots of long term financial commitments. I strongly feel they are not content with what they have, and get entangled into these sorts of investment trap. I could understand they are into too much of futuristic plans, but are not enjoying their presence. I recall my younger days in early twenties and late twenties time. We had our set of friends, we were not very rich, did have family commitments, but enjoyed our life to the full. I know an Indian couple, who always keep talking about ‘Money, Money’. In spite of both of them earning they moan a lot. According to them, because I do not moan they think I am very rich whereas on the contrary it is opposite. I just try to live happily and not worry too much about the future. That is my way of living. Everything will happen.

If one door closes, another door will open. I remember reading this quote somewhere “As soon as a child is born, he/she had his food ready in his/her mother’s breast.” So everything will happen for our good. There is no point in worrying too much and lose the precious present.

6) One of my close relative impressed me by one of his habit. He has stopped consuming milk. The reason was very impressive but difficult to follow. He explained how man, for his needs have domesticated animals. By nature a Cow secretes milk after giving birth to their younger ones. Man separates the young one and takes all those milk for his use. Many methods are being followed. I remember in my younger days, the milk man used to bring cows in front of houses to milk their cows and distribute milk. This was in India. I doubt whether this practice still exists. They used to allow the calf to suck the milk and then tie the calf to a nearby pole and allow the cow to lick the calf and he used to start milking the cow. My relative‘s explanation that no mother would like to be separated from their younger ones was very thought provocative. I would like to think a lot on this point.

7) Then we had discussion about recycling. We talked about plastic. I came across a Victorian life book. It seems in those days in Britain, people carried their cutleries wherever they went. Thinking about it now, it is so nice. Instead of using the plastic spoons, forks, I think this is a good idea. I remember many of my older relatives did the same and my mom till today would like to eat in her own plate and carry wherever she goes. Nowadays I feel very bad to use plastic covers, and we keep it a point to carry bags instead of taking their plastic carry bags. In case, if we happen to take it, we are trying our best to recycle them. The thoughtful supermarkets do accept their old plastic carry bags and take them to recycle them. It is high time that all should think very seriously about this. The reason for publishing this in my post is to see how many of the readers of this post, cares about this. I will be glad to know your views.

Note:- The pictures published in this post is of a park which is closer to my work. I walk here in the lunch time and take a break. The atmosphere is fantastic and I used to feel out of the world.


Kavi said...

Oh ! Where do i start...?

Well, the snaps look picture perfect. Amazing ! Will write to you for permission to use them on specific occasions.

Balaji, the world is changing around us. Just as people are becoming selfish, there are the people who continue to be giving. Like Ms.Vanita who i blogged about. Their numbers dwindle, but people like you spot the ones that are still around ! So, there still is hope !

Yes. If one door closes, another opens. If only, we are ready to see. And yank it open !

I see in you a beacon of goodness and model living. Our world could do with more like you.

Continue the inspiring journey !

Ghost Particle said...

[life] it could as well be only the human way. because we seem to be insignification in our existence, we destroy the earth and we wage wars. bt in essense even animals interact deeply, like humans when it comes to emotion. they have simply evolved better to utlizie the world, and minimize dependance. the world outlives life. we can only make a difference in smaller circles. if we get into the bigger circles, then we dont learn, we jst follow the masses irrespective of anything else.

[selfish] no doubt about this. it is true to the core. society doesnt seem to look beyond the individual, they see and hear too much that they are reluctant to experience the wider problems, and concern for others.

[friends] i am too fond of Indians...but im one too. hhaha! man...motherland beckons.

[problems] Many of us draw a circle and try to live within that circle without thinking anything out of the circle. ---when we live out of the circle, everthing falls in line and problem is solved.

[rich life] loved the ending line. life is liberated the day we get out of debt. bt not getting into one is better.

[mothers] My relative‘s explanation that no mother would like to be separated from their younger ones was very thought provocative. it is, it makes us think deep. i heard the practise of separation is prevalent in many cow farms in NZ also.

[recycling] as always, the world needs more people recycling. bt in another point, all this recycling and we still have floods of plastic stuff around. interesting isnt it. :)

Dan said...

nice photos.

reagarding your thoughts you are right almost had the same thoughts at some point of time.

in chennai where taking a loan of 1 lac was considered a risk people now take 40 lacs without second thought.

Regarding plastic the west is somewhat in a better position as three is very good waste treating mechanism and people cooperate here in chennai the waste segregation is a failure and you can see waste being throun out from IT staff buses also so you can assume about rural towns.

Jeevan said...

In a circle we come across what we pass, just getting out of circle our world seems greater.

As if cows are used for milk, so exist some more, if not what change brought by machineries in turn off ox for field works what decreasing in population among rural.

I really support the recycling and avoiding plastic, every time some goes out buying water bottles, but we bring water from home in the reusable bottle. The more we need to concern in India is to separate decay and non-decay wastage. Glad to share with your thoughts

prabukarthik said...

>>) I feel of late, many people are turning to be selfish.

Naanum ipdi ellam yosichirukken, but nowadays i think man had always been selfish. its only we the present day people who romanticise our ancestors,our past etc.

What you say about debt traps by youngsters is true. My 2 cents is always to find a balance. I think one has to have a clear perspective of how much one earns, how much one can save for the future and how much to spend now.

Naan vangura samblathuku oru nalla shoe vanga yosicha, nalla book vanga yosicha, naan velai ku poradhe waste dhaan..

At the same time, if i get into spending several thousands a day in buying some unwanted item, nobody can save me.

Some folks carry the idea of buying homes to ridiculous extreme. I know some couples who pay as much as Rs. 1 lakh for their home loan EMIs. And that is about 80% of their monthly income.

Others wait and wait and end up paying twice as much money as they can afford as rent, in their retirement years...

Life la neraya vishayangal 'relative', 'balance' idhile adangidum sir. And like all important things, this one is simple but not easy. I dont think I had got it right....

It is a lifelong learning process... :)

Jeevan said...

Dear u have an award waiting in my blog, do check :)

Jack said...

Good..... me too was thinking for the past one week... planning to leave milk.

ambi said...

Nice snaps as usual :)

i think you're moving one step towards salvation.

recycling, good idea, here in bangalore, we have got one road laid in recycled plastics, don't worry you won't skid. :)

enjoyed your public transport system post also.

nowadays, you're replying to our views :(

Vetrimagal said...

At some point in life we start thinking about all the 'why' aspects. Then we try to understand how to carry on.. This was my experience.

The Victorian practice of carrying own crockery and cutlery was interesting.

I think our culture of eating out of banana leaves and packing food in them is also very good idea. Instead of manufacturing plastics we can grow more banana leaves.

Sangeetha said...

i've been reading your blogs now and then and have admired many of your writings...and pictures as well :))

your latest post on recycling and our being nurtured by cow's milk at the cost of maltreating the cow and her calf touched deeper chords within me......

i am also in the path of exploring the dynamics of "relationship" between Man and Nature ... in the name of 'development' why do we cut hundreds of trees? why do we allow our lakes to become sewage drains? why is the 'land' valued only for the amount of monetary profit it could give us? .. these are some of the questions that keep cropping up....and in the quest to find its answers, i found an interesting field called "Ecopsychology" that helped answer these to some extent....but am still on my way to live those learnings in my own life....

just felt that you may be interested in this 3-month course as well, which is offered online by Naropa University, Colorado, US ... also, you may love the Resurgence Magazine based in UK, run by Satish Kumar, a former Jain monk....and you could get in touch with the emerging communities that live more in harmony with Mother Nature...

guess this comment has become long!

thanks for all your deep sharing which inspires one a lot,

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your nice words. I do come across good people nowadays. I shall make it a point to blog about them in future.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your long comment. It shows your interest. I agree with you that many live in a small circle.

I am glad for your love towards your mom. Keep it showing!

Balaji S Rajan said...


Rightly said! The west is far better in handling the recycling but again there are lots stuff in the super markets coming in plastics. As long as they are recycled it is fine. But why cannot we find a substitute for plastic?

Balaji S Rajan said...


I appreciate your thought young man! That is great! Keep thinking good and recycling. Talk to young boys and girls about this. Let us spread it among the future generations.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comments and I too agree with you.

We keep learning in life. We can never say we have learnt everything.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your award. It is nice to know. If you ask me, I would like to give you back an award. According to me you are the best blogger and blogging means everything to you.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Great! It is not easy though! All the best.

Balaji S Rajan said...


You seem to be regular. Sorry for late reply. I am tied up with so many things and it is difficult to find time. Anyhow made it today. Great to know that they have made a road in recylced plastic.


Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for visiting. Oh.. Banana leaf. It is a great idea. I think the western world should take it from there. At least they should try to import dried leaves plate. I remember there was an old lady near my house in chennai. She used to make plates out of dry leaves. I remember my grandma eating on that plate. Hmmmmmmm... It is better we go back to old habbits.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. It will be nice to know how you came to my blog. You have also left wonderful and long comments.

You seem to be having lots of interests in all these topics and so is your comment. Thanks for those references. I shall try them when I have time. Keep visiting.

Sangeetha said...

thank you very much for your kind words. I am aravindhan's sister [who blogs at artworkbyaravindhan.blogspot.com] and thus came in touch with your wonderful blog posts as well ! :)
best wishes,

Balaji S Rajan said...


WOW! No wonder your thoughts are different and unique like our Aravind. You have a great brother and I hope you should be a great sister too.

Keep in touch.