30 January, 2006

I am Tagged

Tagging seems to be OK but not something like My Perfect Lover to a person who is married for the past 16 years. I was tagged by few bloggers and I was blinking whether to get into this loop or not. I am a person who normally do not get into the chain mails, like..... Please forward this to all your friends...and if this reaches you back it means that you are a good friend....blah..blah...Especially few certain mails with god fearing sentiments like... if you send this to so many people in so many days you will get so much of money. Recently I came across something like if you take part in this you will be sent millions of money... OK this is a different topic.

Let me come to the tagging. I was tagged and it would have been more interesting if it was something other than asking perfect lover. I respect other bloggers and also the blog readers. They are something special for me. Blogging is not an ordinary kind of interest. I know many people who are very talented but cannot put their thoughts in writing. There are many who are very good in academics, but given a stage or public appearance will feel nervous. Some have interest, but not the required skills. In general, according to me bloggers are different and unique in their own way. So when I was tagged I was seriously thinking whether I need to respond. Also, will this cause any disturbance with my life now... Will my wife think bad? On the contrary my wife was interested to know about my response to the tag stuff. I do not want to disappoint my fellow bloggers too. So a little change in the topic My perfect Lover (if this was asked 16 years before)

* A girl who should be very simple.
* A girl who should have undergone sufferings in life.
* A girl who could understand realities.
* A girl who could treat my mother as her mother.
* A girl who keeps smiling.
* A girl who loves children of this world(not only those born to us).
* A girl who feels proud of being born as woman.
* A girl without pride and dislike for wealth.

I am very proud to say that I did get a girl as I wished, and thanks to my wife for being so wonderful to me. I am not tagging anyone. Sorry if I have not responded quickly.


Jeevan said...

I was also seriously thinking should we do this tag or not, finaly i did. I have also sent u some forward messages in the chat, like small kids. i get many forward mails, but i dint pass the mail to an body. Nice that You got your Pefect Lovers as your wife.:)

WA said...

aaaw, such a nice sweet response. Lovely

Jo said...

That was really nice... You're lucky to have your dream girl as your wife. God knows whom I gonna get. :-)

susubala said...

Hey...u there with the post ! I knew that u will come with it ! Yeah...really I mean it !

That's was such a wonderful points I admired. If I would've been a guy, all would've matched for me. I liked your wife too and why cant u post your family photo here in this blog !

Thanks for adhering with my TAG. Infact, I was dejected on seeing your reply, but now.....thrilled !