04 January, 2006

New Ideas

Good thinkers are becoming less in this world. Sometimes I get irritated at the bad thought of others. It is very difficult to find someone who could think alike. When others could not think at the same level as you, it leads to more frustration and anger.

Solitude is the best for thinkers. I have also been on my own for few years. Sometimes it bores. But I have enjoyed most of my time. During solitude silence accompanies our thought. I have made some good decisions in my life only when I have been on my own.

Everyone should be alone atleast for few hours in a day. It gives a great pleasure. You could do more things effectively. Solitude helps creative mind. Some individuals cannot live alone or be alone. They always require crowd. But some would like to remain to themself.

The picture in this blog was taken during one of my visit to Lake District in England. It is the most picturesque place in the United Kingdom. I would have loved if I was rowing alone in a boat in this lake. But I was atleast with 50 people or more when I took this picture. Still most of them were silent.

Silence helps many times. During controversies and heated discussions if you remain silent, it is of great advantage. Also, when your partner is angry and you remain silent it helps a lot. Again, being silent when you are angry also helps you to control your anger. After all life is short, why complicate it by getting angry and talking unnecessarily.


visithra said...

Ah i agree - there is a need for alone time - just silence away from people u know ;) its different from being lonely ;)

and yes it is pretty hard to find people alike - n very frustating when they don't comprehend your thoughts ;)

love the bridge shot ;)

வேதா said...

silence is a gift given by god. some people cannot remain silent even when they are alone. solitude needs to be experienced to its full extent. when u are alone and silent, u speak to urself and u will find urself.thats true.
"mounam enbathu,
pesamal irupathu alla,
mounam enbathu,
thannule pesikolvathu"
by practising to remain silent often, we recharge our body and soul,

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very nice photo.!!

Yeah, I agree silence is Gold.!! I love the time during the early morning hours..when I can sit and think.!!

Thinking about it...its a little difficult to close your eyes and sit quiet in a quiet neighborhood!! The mind wanders here and there.!! And finally will settle down.!!

unknown said...

am dumb(silent) after seeing ur post...silent,really helps us to comeout of our problems..when vr solitude,v start thinking about everything .. v come out of that with clear mind and solution to our problems...really i enjoy silent in my life..:-)
love to be alone in beach to enjoy the nature....

Dubukku said...

your photos are amazing. And Englandla ella idathukkum poitu vandhirukeenga pola?

Jo said...

Very nice pic and thoughts. I like solitude and as you said it helps me work more effectively.

revatechnic said...

oh yes.. tell me about the irritation that occurs when that other person is simply not in your frequency..

'go-getters are often very lonely people.. that is because the others are not able to match their pace'.

no matter how tired i am from work, i make it a point to sit alone at home, and go thru the happenings of the day, and talk to myself. It helps.

Ravi said...

Mr.Balaji, this post seemed like it was meant for me. I can't agree more on your thought! I especially get very frustration when the other person I am dealing with does not think in similar terms and as you very rightly suggested, maybe I should try silence as a remedy. Thanks for a nice post (and pic) again!

Ghost Particle said...

Ive tried hard being alone and doing things alone for the past 7 years. Sometimes if youre doing something important, a research maybe, then its hard to do it without some good discussion among friends. But when theyre lacking or lack in imagination then the whole thing would turn into a nightmare.

Vidya said...

Boy am I glad to find so many people who don't have problem with solitude or rather agree with the need for the same. I am a very talkative person and at the same time, there are times when I withdraw and keep to myself. The wee morning hours , days when it rains so hard that it is impossible to step out, long drive in the car to work or any place - any place is good enough for introspection. I notice that people who do a lot of introspection grow a lot as a person from their experiences as opposed to people who live life fumbling through their same mistakes over and over again.

Nice blog , nice shot !!
Can I blog roll you ?


Balaji S Rajan said...

Visthra - Yes you are right. Silencing away from people you know. It is required very much and it is different from being lonely

Veda - Oh... I love silence. As you said remaining silent recharges our body and soul.

Narayanan - Thanks for your compliment about the photo. It is an art isn't it. To remain silent and watch the world.

Ammu - Do not tell me about lying in the beach. WOW.. I remember those noise of the waves. It is wonderful. That too on a summer moonlit night, lying on the sands of a beach and listening to those waves.......

Dubukku - I have travelled to many places in England. Still have many places to see. Some places make you to visit again.

Jo - yes bro.. Solitude is great.

Revatechnic - Good to know that you talk to yourself.

Ravi - Most of us have some characters common. I had just written what I have experienced.

Ghost particle - I agree with you. It is common to come across people like that. I am planning to write a post about that.

Vidya - As you said any place is good for introspection. Thanks for your comments and visiting my blog. Yes. you can blogroll me. No problem.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Your comment for Veda..!! Did it remind you of your Vedaranyam days??

Balaji S Rajan said...

Narayanan are you talking about the comments on Thiruvarangan Ula?

Jeevan said...

Being silence is usedful for good thinking. when i get independent i will not think about me, when i think about me, i get disturbed and can't consentrate on any thing.

The best place for me to feel silent is on sea shore,where we can hear a small sounds from the waves, it was very beauutyful feel, when i think about sea shore silence i feel happy. the sea is the biggest nature of the god.

The Photo is very beautyful Friend.

susubala said...

Ya, silence is a great instrument to measure oneself.

That's a wonderful photography !

Sundar Narayanan said...

kalakkala photo edukkareenga balaji sir..

unga nature photo album engayavadhu irukka.. sollunga, online poi pakkaren..


Raju said...

first time here.. Nice post on silence..

I also love to be alone at times... and listen to some soothing music..

Balaji S Rajan said...

Jeevan - Yes...silence helps a lot and lot. It gives you strength and a source of energy.

Susubala- Thanks for your comments about photography.

Sundar - Thanks. I love nature more than anything. I equally like Photography. So both joined together gives good result. I do not have any sites exclusively. I shall try to create and let you know.

Raju - Thanks for visiting. Silence is a great weapon.

TMS said...

yeah its true and it sometimes really works. I have experienced that keeping silence is of a great help sometime in order to have a calming effect on the other who would be angry and heated up. I had few heated moments in my working life and so i chose to remain calm when some one bashes at you.

Prabu Karthik said...

>>Everyone should be alone atleast for few hours in a day.

sathiyama unmai. especially when i come home from office