30 January, 2006

Children and their life

One of those days....... The Metre guage Fast Local Electric train waited for signal before entering Egmore. There were only few occupants in the first class compartment. I look around and smiled at the lady in a corner seat. She smiled back. I have seen her always sitting in the same seat when I used to board the train at Perungalathur. The next day when I got inside the compartment I looked towards the same seat and smiled at her. She greeted me back. Within few days the friendship grew.

A lady frustrated with her life and the lone kid born to her, had a troubled husband and failing to receive help and confidence decided to give up her life. She laid the baby next to her in a Railway track, thinking of all her sorrows in life. She did not want the girl baby to suffer in her life too. She could hear the train coming at a far off distance. Her heart was beating very fast and she wanted to have a last glimpse of her young baby. She turned her face towards the baby and the baby smiled at her innocently. Within fraction of seconds, she pulled the baby and jumped out of the track. She looked at her baby again and the baby not knowing anything kept smiling and gigling at her mom. The smile saved both of their life. The lady started feeling very bad about this and was ashamed of her act. She wanted to live for the baby. But did not have any earnings and livelihood was a big question of her. This is real and this happened.

Now you must be wondering about me... talking about a lady in my compartment and another lady trying to give up her life. After few conversations with my train mate, I came to know that she was Mrs.Indira Bhat and working as a bank manager. She modestly told me that she was living at Maraimalai Nagar. One day after getting closer, she told me that her husband is a Doctor and they were running a small house for single parent children. She narrated about the above incident, where the lady who was about to commit suicide, heard about this couple and brought in the kid and left the kid under their care. My interest grew more. After few discussions, I came to know that the Bhats were living in T.Nagar very comfortably. One day Dr.Bhat asked his wife whether she would be interested to join him in starting a house for orphanages and especially single parent children. He gave Mrs.Bhat a week time to decide. But Mrs.Bhat decided within an hour to join him in his venture. Mrs. Bhat was my train mate. We used to discuss about many things in life. The journey between Tambaram and Egmore was so short for our discussions. We never felt bored in discussing interesting things in life. The entire compartment was like a small family and we missed each other during our short holidays. One day I decided to visit their home.

I took my family along with me. I briefed my son who was just 5 years old about the place. We went on a Sunday morning to their home. Their were few dozens of children and all sang songs and recited many tamil rymes and Thirukural. My son was liked by many of those children. He also mingled with them quickly. We took many young children and had them on our lap. Many of them were longing for it. I tell you.......... You should experience it. There were children who lacked real love and affection. It was such a nice day. From then we made it a habbit to see them. Though due to lack of time and other schedules we could not go every week, I made it a point to see them atleast once in few months.

The best part is during my last year's visit I came to know from Mrs.Indira Bhat that she had given voluntary retirement from Bank service, and was dedicating herself fully now at home. Since Dr.Bhat alone could not handle many things, and ageing, she wanted to support her husband. Many unskilled ladies, are taught tailoring and they are even placed in good export companies. Rural women folks, are being given confidence to live and Mrs.Indira Bhat is doing a wonderful job by spending her time usefully. I still remember her saying that Dr.Bhat lost his mother when he was just born. He did not even have a photograph of his mother. He does not even know how his mother looked. He should be in his mid 60's or late 60's. He was associated with lots of gurujis in his younger days. He decided at one point of his life, to dedicate their life for the abondoned children, especially single parent children. Now the couple are proud to say that few of such boys, are in abroad and one is doing well as a Software Engineer in US. Most of the girls are sent to Vivekananda Ashram in Madurai where they are trained as nurses. This couple, are young at heart and doing a yeoman service to those children. If those children were not cared, they would have easily become anti-social elements. Thanks to people like Bhats.

I am proud that I came to know them and could be of some use to them. They do not advertise a lot and just trying to live with their investments.
I just did a Google search and found few interesting news about the Sewing training Centre for Rural Women, and news about Mrs Indira Bhat in Business line

If anyone is interested to visit those children and spend a day usefully with people who want love and affection

Sri Jyothi Brahma Mission
NH1, HIG, 41, Vallal Began Street,
Marai Malai Nagar,
Kanchi Dist 603 209

Phone: 04114 52355
04114 52918


Jeevan said...

When the people who are very poor and cant have money to grow there child, should go to this orphanages and give ther child should explain her situations, and should not kill their born baby. We hear many news like a mother throw her child in to a Dustbin or some times throw into well and kill. Dr.Bhat & Mrs Indira Bhat are doing a great job for our World. Feel good, that i got a oppotunity to read a Nice Persons.

thennavan said...

You have covered a very vexing issue with society the world over, but more so in the Indian context. I hope this post raises awareness about the issue.

REFLEX said...

Good write up. May be ppl shud learn to spent their weekend in such places.

susubala said...

Hai Balaji, You are lucky enough to get Mrs.Bhat as your friend, especially Train. Even I am very close to many of my rain friends and it really helps us in mingling and cultivating friednly nature in everyone. Thanks to the Train journey.

I was very much impressed about Bhat's family and on going through the post half-way I thought of asking you their contact number, but I found their contact address and Tel. numbers given below. I was excited. I am sure I will visit them once and enjoy the day with my kid and hus.

We normally do some kind of help to the children in Sivananda Ashram and the best possible help who I come across. But i think Mrs Bhats is worth a help ! and I may refer to some people who are helpless for their lively hood. Mrs Bhat sounds sweet and I will defintiely meet her once.

susubala said...

I was very impressed with these words "A smile that saved both the lives (Mother & child)". that is real and any mom can't bear killing their own children when they smile. The child's smile is as precious as the freshly bloomed Rose. It carries so much of innocence, beauty, love and just steals our heart ! I really wondered, how that lady attempted to suicide her child ! Atlast, the smile that rescued both of them...

Vanathi said...

Great post...

வேதா said...

hi mr.balaji,
thats a nice and though provoking one. it really brought back my college day memories,when my friends and i decided to visit udavum karangal. we collected some money in our class and went to the place. we really did not expect that we who started the journey as some kind of outing will totally struck with emotions when we saw the children there.
//We took many young children and had them on our lap. Many of them were longing for it. I tell you.......... You should experience it.//
what u said above is absolutely true. when we entered the room, every child there greeted us with folded hands saying "vanakkam".and they stretched their hands as to hold them, when we started hugging each one of them. that was the moment and some of my friends broke down. we spent some time there talking to as much children as possible.suddenly i found one girl who was sitting near the wall jus idle. when we went close,she jus stretched her hands so that i can take her and we found out that she had only one leg. later we found out that her mother threw herself and the child on the track and the mother died and the child lost a leg. these children were around only 5 or 6 years of age. we found out that what they really need is the lov and affection they get when someone like us visit them often.thats what they long for.

Jo said...

Wow, now that's really something. People like Mrs. Bhat are not widely known, but they are the true heroes.

Dubukku said...

great write up Balaji.
Self and wife have also planned to spend some time and money for orphanage. You are very right...spending a day makes a lot of difference and we are already looking for that in our next India trip.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Jeevan - The world is full of different kinds of people. Mostly such good things are never given importance.

Thennavan - Thanks for your wishes. I too hope so.

Reflex - Thanks. I have more in mind to come up with.

Susubala - Thanks. You seem to be a inspiring lady too with your thoughts. Life is too short. We need to make our life useful and do something for the future generations. Once I took few of my colleagues and my boss to the Ashram. Many children were asked what they wanted to become and each one said 'Police', 'Teacher','Scientist','Computer Engineer', and one boy calmly got up and said that he wanted to start another Ashram like this to help chidren like him to grow well. Believe it or not. Most of us were moved. My boss had earlier donated few hundreds of rupees on the spot, and again donated whatever he had. I never knew this. On seeing one boy reciting 'Thirukurals' for ten minutes, suddenly all the children laughed and we found that the boy's trousers were so loose, it was slipping away and he had to hold it by one hand. My boss was moved by this and called me separately and asked whether he could borrow few hundreds of rupees from me, and donated the same to Mrs.Bhat to get him a pair of good trousers. I could never forget this in my life. We had only one hundred ruppee note in our purse to drive back to City inclusive for any emergency that could have happened to our Car on the way. Never mind we were happy.

Vanathi - Thanks.

Veda - Nice to see your college time activities. So true.

Jo - You are right. Anyday I visited the Ashram seems to be so fresh in my thoughts. You should look at those children... Oh..god...they are wonderful.

Dubukku - Yes. That is a good gesture on you both to think about this and visit children who are lacking for love. Mrs. Bhat often used to tell me, that the children do not want any great financial help from us, but they wanted someone to show love and care for them. After all they are children, born for some careless individuals who had only sex in their mind and never worried about what they could do with the offspring.

Prabu Karthik said...

Ah, i guess you told me this during our short bu sweet chat:)
i'll try to go there sir