24 February, 2006

We are blessed with ....

Mrithula gets up everyday and rushes to the loo to see it is locked. She softly knocks the door..
"Anna.... ".

He answers back among the shower noise...."Who is it..?".

She replies..."Mithu... It is getting late for me....."

"Irudi........" comes back the reply.

Then the matter will be brought to the judges,(Wife and self). We need to call him again, and Aakash comes back quickly. This is our morning daily routine.

The best thing on earth is having children and raising them up. I really wonder the way my parents raised us.

There is no time and place for my daughter to ask a story. I am a good story teller. But though I am not running short of stories like Tamil Cinema, it irritates us when we want to push them with the morning routines. We as parents need to remember the latest updates in her school too. The recent news is Emma's mom is pregnant and has a baby. I cannot ask my daughter whether any one will have dinosaur in the stomach. Probably she may come with another story. One day when teenager Aakash, was trying to prove Darwin's theory at the backyard of our house, I clicked him. That is the picture you are seeing. He is a great nature lover, creative, sportsman, athlete, dancer, rap singer, lyricist, artist and interested in Science. Sometimes we feel very sad in seeing him leaving to school after a shower, at 7.45 A.M when the temperature is -2.

If you call my house, you cannot escape without hearing Mrithula's voice over the phone singing
"Dil Dil Dil Dil...Kaadhil...dil..dil...dil....Kannathil Muthamittal.........". She does not understand whether it is a long distance call or local. So beware when you call home.My daughter's latest wish is to adopt a girl baby from India.

Aakash is 13 and Mrithula is 4 years old. They are familiar with most of the bloggers in my blog roll.

She loves her brother Aakash, and according to her, he is the Comedian, Hero,Spiderman, Superman and everything. She adores her brother and listens to all his heroic activities and stunts at school.

Aakash has a great concern for aged people and goes to the extent of voluntarily helping them when he see someone on the road. He loves animals especially dogs. Both of them can handle even a Rottweiler or Great Dane easily. He stopped bursting crackers from Childhood as a principle against Child labour.

We are glad that we are blessed with kids who are thoughtful and raising them with a hope that they will be useful human beings.


ada-paavi!!!! said...

andha pic of aakash reminds me of my school days, campus la marathula eri class cut pannarathu, expecially english class in 11 and 12, the safest place was the roof of the class room,or during breaks climbing trees.

my school had enuf trees for me to climb

visithra said...

The both of u must have had a hand in imparting them the morals - im glad u did - such gems and so adorably cute too ;)

im really glad you guys have brought up your children well - ive seen parents of todays world really spoil their children n they can be so rude

WA said...

Lovely pictures.

ambi said...

like tends to beget like..
nice pics. suthi podungooo!

Jeevan said...

really u and your wife have grown our childreans in a good way. even in my house early morning is like traveling in roller.for our parents wake me and my brother from the bed in early morning and pereparing us for schoold is a big problem.

Thanks for sharing ur kids photo with us. Mrithula's beautyiful smile is very nice, Aakash face is like u friend. Happy family:)

revatechnic said...

you know what?? you are blessed with such a beautiful family. be sure to cherish them, i mean i am sure you do.. but spend loads of time with your kids. I am truly happy for you...

Jo said...

Nice to see your kids. Especially glad to know they keep such values even in this early age. You and chechi have every reason to be proud of them. And ask Aakash to put his rap numbers here sometime. We will be eagerly waiting for that. Next time you're in Chennai, I hope to see these gems.

Thulika - My pen said...

Family! So beautiful! Really remided me of my own family and a beautiful childhood. :)

Vanathi said...

Your kids are so cute...

வேதா said...

u are really blessed. a good parenting
is really necessary for good children to be good citizens. pasangalukku mudalla suthi podunga.

Barbienan said...

the best thing in life to bring up the kids in a mannered and disciplined way and you seem to be succeeding. Congrats to your and ur wife. Lovely kids and lovey family.

susubala said...


It is lovely to see ur kids. Both are so sweet and they are raised in a beautiful manner. they're infact thankful to u to have such a lovely parents.

Especially, Mridula looks so cute and Aakash is no exception. Convey my love to them.

Ravi said...

Balaji Sir, your kids are really cute esp the little one with that constant smile. I guess (though not always true) most good things are imbibed into children thru' their elders and I am sure Aakash and Mrithula have got a major part of their goodness from you :-) Its nice to see that you also impart our tradition and values onto them inspite of being in a foreign country.

Ghost Particle said...

a beautiful and warm post.

inbetween the insanity of todays world..the children gives us the reason the live. lets make a future they will love us for.

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

:) nice pics!!

arvindh said...

Nice narrative accompanied by the picture sequence! You have super cute kids!

Dubukku said...

kalakal photos and your kids are cute :)

unknown said...

having cute and thoughtful kids is really gift...ur are really blessed by god man...
convey my regards to ur cute buddys

Ram Viswanathan said...


Wonderful story.. I can fully relate to this.. We have two kids 13 & 9..

TamilPonnu said...

for the _th time.. ur children are very cute & smart! kudos to the parents for bringing them up in the right manner! nice pics!

Suji said...

Lovely post, lovely family, lovely pics!

Amrita said...

hi that was really a sweet post, sometimes i wonder why cannot we spend more time with our parents.

Sri said...


WOW!!! wonderful name , romba poetica irukku:)

cute fotos

RandomThoughts said...

Beautiful kids and a great job u & ur wife are doing in parenting! U know what Bala, CHildren are our reflection and seems like u 2 are giving them all the right ingredients.

All the best to u 4 & may u all continue to smile always! Touch wood!


Keshi said...

ur kids r really beautiful!

This post reminded me of my childhood days...fighting with my sis over silly things lol!


Balaji S Rajan said...

Vatsan - You were a naughty boy, cutting classes and hanging on trees..LOL... I too used to climb trees when I was young, but not in the school. There was a huge Mango tree at the backyard of my house, and I used to study sitting on the top of the tree (ofcourse while eating a mango)

Visit - Yes. We toil hard to make them understand things at childhood otherwise it becomes difficult when they grow.

Wicked Angel - Thanks.

Ambi - Thanks.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Jeevan - Thanks. I know you would have enjoyed seeing those pictures. Everyone would have had similar experience in their childhood.

Reva - Thanks. Yes I always spend most of my time with my kids and family.

Jo - If my kids hear any song from my computer they come running asking whether it was sung by you.

Thulika - Thanks. Yes everyone remembers their childhood.

Vanathi - Thanks.

Veda - Yaruku suthi podanum. Is it for the parents or kids?

Barbienan - We are trying our level best in bringing up kids.

Susubala - Thanks again. It is every parents wish to bring up the children nicely. We want them to grow up naturally knowing the difficulties in life which will help them in their future.

Ravi - Thanks. Wherever we are we should not forget our tradition and culture. That is what we are trying to do. It is upto the kids to follow them when they grow up. We can just guide. Not a big deal. But lots of patience is required in making them understand things. Again after all they are kids.

Ghostparticle - That is the beauty of it. You have mentioned it in one single line.

Vijay - Thanks.

Arvindh - Thanks

Balaji S Rajan said...

Dubukku - Thanks. Your kids are also cute.

Ammu - Yes. I have given your regards to all.

Ram - Nice to know that you are sailing in the same boat.

Tamilponnu - Thanks.

Suji - Thanks.

Amrita - Yes.. sometimes we also think so.

Sri - Thanks. We always wanted to name, if we had a daughter as Mrithula.

Rashmi - Thanks for your wishes. We are just doing our duty.

Keshi - Yes everyone have their own childhood memories and experience. Even I remember my young days.

Jo said...

So glad to hear that. :-)

Sundar Narayanan said...

your kids are adorable.. this is the first time i am seeing their pictures..

finally got to reading blogs again today balaji sir.. 7 hours and counting.. still have v,y,w to go on the blogroll..

glad to know that your health is also normal.


Puspha said...

Beautiful children :)

thennavan said...

Your kids are really cute and adorable. Someday I hope I will have a family as happy as yours :-)

Prabu Karthik said...

lovely kids and lovely pics!!