20 November, 2008


After being inside closed doors for few hours I decided to have a walk during the lunch hours.

I came out of my office and looked around. It should have rained few minutes before. It was very pleasant and I walked to my favourite park near my work place. There were very few people. The joggers were jogging and there were lots of evidence for the recent rain. Some little birds were trying to shake their feathers and fly. There was a kind of smell coming from the ground. Whenever the birds shook the tree branches, water remaining on the leaves sprinkled on me. I was looking for fresh evidence for the rain and looked around. Then this water droplets on the benches caught my eyes. I decided to click them for evidence. Evidence of the rain. It looks like they were just waiting for the photograph. I smiled and took the picture. A couple who came behind me kept looking at the bench and must have wondered about what I was focusing on.

I walked back having got evidence now. After all we need evidence for everything in this world. Nobody believes anything without any evidence.


Jo said...

The picture looks so nice with those rain drops. And your last line got me thinking as well...

Jeevan said...

Yes, that's true. What we express from mind also need evidence in words to be written or spoken, unless no one believes that we thought and feel seems invisible. Its pleasant reading, Oh, I love ‘water remaining on the leaves sprinkled on me’. :)

ambi said...

//Nobody believes anything without any evidence.//

I declare U as 'Punch Bala' from today. JK. :))

Another Good one Bala :)

rummuser said...

Till you explained, I could not figure out what the photograph was all about! I am a tube light!!

I for one would have believed you. I normally believe everybody till proved otherwise.

Rama said...

Beautiful photography, and very true. Well written about the evidence.

arvindh said...

This is a very creative shot! I have a lot of catching up to do. I see many splendid posts that need reading in your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Balaji, this is Shwetha here. I find your blog very interesting and you have captured a few pleasant pictures. So, as decided do you walk during the lunch hours? lol I really liked the content under the label -Evidence.

Looks like we have 2 common interest which is Photography & Rain.

Im in face book as well. Do you have a face book account? I tried a name search to find you but you could not be found.

Im unable to view your email id.

My Email ID: jayushwets@gmail.com

Please write a mail