15 November, 2008

Learn to love and let others live!

Recently came across a video clipping of law students clash in Chennai, India. I was disturbed very much. I never thought there could be so much of hatred among students studying in same college. Believe me or not! After seeing the video clips I could not do anything for more than one hour. Though I saw this video two days before, the video is still fresh in my mind.

The cause of the incident is based on difference of opinion on a poster issue among different caste/community students. What a shame! A group of policemen were watching the whole incident standing outside the premises of the college. One student got trapped near the gate and he was beaten with logs and some other materials. It was worst than any of the violent fight scenes in a Tamil movie. This appears to be a barbaric act. What else I could say!

Only this has been in my mind for the past two days. Can there be so much of animosity among fellow students? Is the future safe in the hands of such young would be lawyers? How are they going to protect the society with their education? On trying to know more about this, I came to know this sort of rivalry and fights exist between the students especially in the state. Why? Certain reports say that the management and police were aware about this already. Due to difference of opinion in printing a poster for some celebrations that was held in the College, a batch of students got agitated.

From where did such young graduates get such a motivation to brutally man handle their friends? There is something wrong somewhere. The three students who were beaten are still fighting for their life. There should be some background behind this incident. Those who were beaten belong to ordinary family. The state has recently started drawing attention worldwide for its technological parks and outsourcing. How could the Government keep quite? They have just suspended the Police officer and the Principal. Everyone was blaming police for being a silent spectator to the whole incident. But there had been incidents in the past of demanding action on Police, since they entered the premises to solve issues among students. I strongly feel that there should be lots of politics behind all this.

While I was walking during my lunch hour, I came across this flock of birds as seen in the picture. What a great unity? What a skill in flying as a pattern? They were doing great acrobatics without any communication support from ground. It was wonderful to keep watching them. I think we human beings have to learn a lot from animals.

Dear young students, please learn from your surroundings. Learn from other creatures that exist in this world. Please shed all your difference of opinions and respect each other. I am sure all those who were involved must be repenting now. Please think well and do not allow politics amongst yourselves. Learn to love each other. Everyone’s life is precious. Life is not to hate each other and kill each other. Give meaning to your education and raise a step above than what you are!


rummuser said...


I salute you for your concern and good thoughts. Some reflections however from an older and wiser Tamil.

Face up to the real Tamil Nadu. Its underbelly is now showing for all to see, thanks to the media being more alert. It has been like this for the past six to seven decades.

I am a veliyerina paappaan. I live in a city where there is still some courtesy and good cheer left among auto rickshaw drivers, vegetable vendors and the like. Just try and say something innocuous to one in Chennai like, "really, so much?" The language, the body language and the menace come out clearly showing a viloent nature.

This state sets fire to buses with people. It sheds tears for the Tamils of Sri Lanka but will not allow the refugee seeking ones from gaining employment.

There are professional kidnappers and criminals who flourish. Ask any industrialist and he will confirm.

You are lucky that you live in the UK. I am in that I do not live in Tamil Nadu.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your kind words.

I could understand what is happening over there. I have experienced the same when I visit there. It is a shame that such incidents happen due to instigation by so called 'elements'. My concern is only for the younger generation falling prey to all the politics.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Balaji - I couldn't watch the video either !! What a shame !!

It's all politics and money IMHO. Easy to sidetrack youngsters with money and power. And we know how our Politicians use it.

Dismissing the Police Comm. is not the answer to all this. We need an allparty agreeement that they won't interfere with students.

More than that, the all those who were on video must be brought to justice !!!

Politicians wearing dark glasses live in illusion that it's all good.! What a shame !!!

Thanks Shankar - For making Mudhalavan !!!

Balaji S Rajan said...


I did not want to post the URL for the video with just a good intention. The reason is having seen the video I was shocked. I have never seen a human being beaten so badly anytime in my life. A boy got trapped in front of the gate and he was rounded up by several other rival students and hit so badly with sticks and other materials. It was cruel and I think it is not worth watching. Anyone will get upset. Just few minutes before I was talking to my sister and heard that my niece was terribly shocked in viewing the clippings in TV news. Imagine for the past two days I have been talking about this to everyone.

Kavi said...

Balaji !

I watched the video too. In horror. And the replays that we have on TV just accentuated the problem.

Sometimes the cancer does show up. And it is at these times that right thinking individuals must arouse discussion and commence work ! Work of reconstruction and growth.

I read with some despair the first comment from Mr.Ramana. To use this as some kind of a colour filter to view living in TN ( or India ) for that matter as misfortune ( or abscence of luck etc) doesnt lead us anywhere !

The problems of divisions are present across all of the world. At times these cracks develop into quakes of great magnitude. It is at these moments, however disturbing they are, must right thinking people come together, and lead society to take an U turn.

Lets talk about it. Write about it. Conduct debates about it. Grow awareness. Smoke it out before it occurs next time, and as Narayan Venkitu says, build a consensus to ensure politicians stay out of campus !

All this and more...!!

To me, thats the least that can be done for the land !

ambi said...

i too happen to watch that brutal activity.

castism is like a cancer which has been ages over TN.

i liked the way U correlated with the pics that U have taken.

Balaji S Rajan said...


That was a nice solution. As you said we should do positive things. I feel pity for those who were beaten and those who were beating them. Students left alone will not quarrel. There is definitely some instigation. I could only pity those who are still living on instigating others. As NV said the students should be enlightened.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comments. Yes, I felt on seeing those birds about the way they were doing things together. Many times I see animals are more disciplined than man. Everyone should think.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your comments. Yes, I felt on seeing those birds about the way they were doing things together. Many times I see animals are more disciplined than man. Everyone should think.

Jeevan said...

There is so much to learn from nature and I feel often it’s a best teacher in all. These birds teach the silly humans the unity. I too struck seeing that incidents and think similarly like u. are they going to save people with law when they even hate to follow.