05 August, 2008

Just like that

Everything happened suddenly. Job change, place change, family worries, and future all came together and blew me away. It took some time for me to stabilise myself and I am back now. Sorry to be away. I missed blogging and reading others blogs. I have just started and slowly getting back to normal. Whether I like it again or not, I have become a weekender again. Meaning, Weekend Dad, Weekend Husband and Weekend Son for my family members. I spend more than ten hours travelling by train. Wonderful experience. For the past few months, I must have met a lots of people, from different countries. I look forward everyweek end, not that I could be with my family, also because I can travel and meet lots of new people.

I have plenty of ideas to bring in to my blog. I shall do them one by one. Sorry once again and assure you that I shall blog as in the past my travelling experiences.

The pictures you see in this post were all taken where I live during the week now. Any guess?

Please do comment. I assure you that I will be regular and shall read everyone of your post and comment.
I need to say that I have been reading few of your posts regularly but have not commented. I missed you all!


Loga said...

Welcome back, have been checking ur blog for quite a while, Nice photos, What's the place?

Anonymous said...


Anyhow, that is a beautiful castle/mansion on the cliff top.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Balaji - Must be very stressful. My best wishes to you....Necessity is the mother of all inventions...I am sure you'll come out flying high...knowing you.

MHO - Don't work for anyone, think and do something on your own...will definitely help in the long run.

Not sure how you stay away from your family !! I can't.

Anyways - Take care, stay healthy.

Nice photos ...no idea where they were shot at!

Ravi said...

Hello Balaji Sir,
Nice to see your back in action. It seemed very "un-Balaji sir" like when having not seen response to our comments. Well, please do take good care of yourself and enjoy your stay in your new place! Hope to see more such pics and yes, please don't stop blogging. We already missed you!

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your prompt response. I read your posts about your sister and parents visit and the following posts. Hope you enjoyed well. By the way the place is EDINBURGH.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Yes you are right. It is EDINBURGH. WOW! you were quick in identifying. Have you been here before?

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Yes, it is very stressful. I could not bear my daughter's sorrow every weekend. What to do? She understands as well. I try to spend my energy positively in going around the town and shooting pictures. You can see more in the following weeks.

They all are shot in Edinburgh.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I am glad for your prompt comment. Thanks. Yes, I shall keep blogging more frequently. You will be seeing my posts in the following weeks along with pictures.

Jeevan said...

Hope you’re enjoying your fav train travel weekend again. Nice seeing your post and looking forward to share your ideas. Take care :)