06 August, 2008

Weekend journey

Life is rolling on. For the past two months I have been travelling in the weekends. Long train journeys. This time no pencil sketches. I enjoy the wonderful sceneries on both sides. I wish we had trains like we used to have in India with the windows opened so we could take more pictures. It is really picturesque. Sometimes while I walk to the pantry car and look at people, and wonder those who travel without watching those sceneries. I can understand for those who had been travelling often, it would have been regular. But I feel like waking up those who are closing the eyes and having a nap, and those who listen to ipods and close their eyes too.

On my way, the train crosses beautiful counties which joins the West midlands and the North. The train runs in the West coast and it is so beautiful. Shropshire is beautiful, and so Lancashire, and the places around the Lake District. I wish one day I visit those beautiful countryside which I see during my journey. Being a person, who takes life as it comes, and one who enjoy the positive side, I think this change has brought more other side of myself. Sometimes, it is causing deep trouble in my mind. Oh... god, will the future generation see this green in their life. What are we going to leave for them, the plastics and much worse concrete lands. Already, I feel that my kids are not having what I had in my life. It has changed a lot. I have discussed about this with people of different origin, lands and the thoughts are the same. Recently I travelled with a gentle lady who was living in a island with just hundreds of people. She was explaining me the difference between their island which is one among the North Western Isles of UK, and the towns of UK. Wow! On hearing her narration I wish I visit their place once. Such places are going to be rare. I wish all the developed countries stop developing and concentrate and help the world in preserving the green and help the third world countries to achieve the same. I think this should be done on war footing manner.

First let us stop all the wars. Enough said and written everywhere. Let us please live in peace!


Sundar Narayanan said...

being a big fan of PGW, I am so envious of you for visiting Shropshire...


the photos are amazing!

glad to have you back Balaji Sir.


Jeevan said...

Wow awesome scenery, how lovely the country sides are there. As you said these pictures explain the beauty and peace left from pollution and damages made by humans. Hope everyone get their share of enjoying the nature, thanks for sharing the pics.

Marutham said...

Hi Balaji :)

What a coincidence...Am seeing this post on a weekend evening from work when i badly wanted to go home. That was indeed a nice trip u had taken us for ;) Atleast me..Greayt Scenry...Very REFRESHING :) Thanks for that...and now.. I will get back to work :(

Wish u more such happy weekends ;)

Balaji S Rajan said...

Thanks for your compliments. Small things makes our life keep going. Being a nature lover, I enjoy them and keep clicking them every week. Last night it was so misty when I returned back, and it was totally a different scene.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks dear. I know you will enjoy these pictures. I shall post many more in the future. Yes, nature is beautiful, and hope man does not destroy it.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for visiting. I am glad that the pictures were refreshing. Hope you enjoy your job.