28 August, 2008

Transport services

Transportation and road networks are back bone for a nation. Most of the developed countries have wonderful transportation. The developing countries should try to emulate few good things from these places. Here in UK, we have wonderful public transportation. Still, there are few hues and cries. I had relatives and friends last month from US and they hailed the public transport system. Especially in bigger towns the night services are wonderful. The buses are kept clean. Every bus stop has a boarding as you see in the picture. It tells you the exact time of arrival of a bus. That helps a lot. Many times it has helped me to know about my next service.

Sometimes if there is no train services between two junctions, the railways arrange coach services to take you to the next junction and your journey continues after being dropped by the coaches at the cost of railway. This is being informed to you while you buy your tickets and board the train. So no hassles. It is a pleasure to travel by public transport in UK.

But I also need to mention the attitude of irresponsible citizens. It is really disheartening to note that few litter the public places. We do have appeals to keep them tidy and not keep their feet on the seats. I hate the public keeping their feet on the seats. Inspite of displays, I still see sometimes public keeping their feet on the seats.

In the mornings, most of the buses in big cities offer newspapers to public which are free. That is another good thing that needs to be mentioned. Those newspapers are second to none. They carry all local and international news. In major cities, apart from buses, they are available at major railway stations, and we do see people distributing them in big cities in the mornings and evenings.

Another important feature of these public transports are their staff. They are always courteous, with great manners. They seem to enjoy their job. They do know how to treat the odd customers, but still they remain calm and polite. Hats off to them! Once when there was disrupted rail services between two junctions, we were taken by a coach and once the coach reached the destination all passengers were in a hurry to pick their luggages and catch their trains. I did not mind getting delayed. I went back and thanked the coach driver who drove us safely and for the pleasant journey. He accepted my compliments with a smile.

I walked keeping my head high for having thanked someone for their wonderful service. There is nothing wrong in praising and thanking someone for what they did.


Kavi said...

Morons abound !! Unfortunately, these are smart people. Whojust arent sensitive enough !

I am sorry to see this happen over there as well..

Ram S Iyer said...

Hi Balaji

Send me your mobile number. Ram, Malaysia. +60123180840 ramsiyer@the.net.my

Jeevan said...

Public responsibility is must in maintain the development. Nice UK!

Dan said...

thought whites commit such mistakes many of our guys continue desi style there also :)

Balaji S Rajan said...


I failed to mention that there are lots of immigrants in this country. They bring with them certain habits and do not change. I have seen plenty of such nasty things being carried over by immigrants when I lived in London. Once in Birmingham after identifying the building,I was wandering to find which floor is the Indian embassy located and do you know the pan parak and beeda markings on the wall led me safely to my destination. There are also few people here, who do not bother about public littering. The younger generations need to be taught more. Again everything starts from home.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Yes you are right. Public responsibility is a must and should be followed by everyone.

Balaji S Rajan said...


You must have observed them when you were here. You are right I have seen few desis who have been living here for ages and have not changed a bit in certain things.

Vetrimagal said...

I liked the "thanking" bit a lot. When we travel with family, I and my children always follow the practice, while hubby dear will be waiting impatiently with the luggage..:-).

Wish more people were courteous enough to say 'thanks' and make people feel good about their jobs.

But, when I travel in buses in Hyderabad, sometimes I come across drivers who are awful and swearing ones.. But I make it a point to make eye contact with them and say 'thanks' when I get down. They wonder whether I am nuts..The advantage of being elderly is fun.